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Curriculum Survey

Thank you so much to you all for completing the curriculum questionnaire last half term. Your questionnaire responses help us to evaluate everything we do in school and provide staff and governors with valuable information for future planning. There were 134 responses and results can be found on the attached PowerPoint.


The questionnaire responses received were very positive, with the majority in the 'strongly agree' or 'agree' categories.


We would also like to thank parents that gave written feedback in addition to completing the questionnaire. They were mainly very positive comments that have been shared with the staff. The comments have also allowed us to consider areas that require further investigation and analysis.


Areas that were raised as a concern by parents


Parental concern Our response
I would like More information about the new curriculum We are sorry that you feel uninformed about the changes. The school held two parent meetings about the changes to the new curriculum, one at the end of the summer term and another at the beginning of the Autumn term. In addition, the website has details of our new curriculum, what is offered in each subject, and  project place mats for each term's learning. These are also available on each class page. If you require any more information about the changes to the curriculum, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to talk to Mrs Jamson (curriculum leader) or your child's class teacher.
We preferred the old style of homework with weekly maths and English tasks. Most parents (86%) said that they preferred the new style of homework, but a few parents did say they preferred weekly maths and English homework tasks. When making the decision to change our homework policy, we looked closely at research evidence which suggests that homework in primary school does not lead to an increase in attainment, but that activities which relate to learning in school and are built upon, are effective. By giving them options for their homework tasks, children can further develop aspects of the learning which engage and enthuse them. Children are also gaining skills and knowledge across a wider range of subjects.

We would like feedback from their homework. This motivates the children.

Thank you for raising this point with us. We also think that children's efforts should be acknowledged so they will be motivated to continue working hard. We will be discussing this issues as a staff and looking at ways to make sure this happens consistently across the classes.

Thank you once again to all the parents that have taken the time to complete the questionnaire and for sharing your views. As a whole staff, we really do appreciate your feedback and the recognition of the good work that we do.


Lindsey Jamson