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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6's Webpage!


W/C: 21st September

This week in Class 6 we have been learning all about harvest time. In English we have written harvest poems, using alliteration and rhyme. Whilst in R.E. we've been investigating what happens to the Harvest food donations and the Christian values behind some Harvest Festival celebrations. In Maths we have been investigating number bonds and have begun doubling.


Next week Year 2 will be:

  • Planning and writing formal letters to the local food bank and church,
  • Building on our number bond knowledge for 10, 20 and 100,
  • Developing our understanding of doubling and halving,
  • Exploring where our Harvest Festival food originates,
  • Creating world food themed collage art,
  • Learning and performing rounds.


Parent notices:


  • Mrs Clarke will be speaking with parents who have requested a structured conversation meeting next week, to arrange a suitable 20 minute time slot.
  • Any issues with Abacus please put a note in home school diary.
  • Most common issues are: pop ups are blocked or Google Chrome is not used.
  • School code is: gbps
  • If you need a reminder of the details for skoolbo, pop a note into the diary and they will be written in for you.


So far this half term:
Essie, Frazer and Leah.
Well done to you all!
Who will be the next star of the week?


W/C September 7th

Well that's the first full week of term completed - well done Class 6 you have achieved a lot already. New seats for reading and maths, carpet spaces and partners all remembered along with a register order line.
Our P.E. days have now been confirmed and they are on a Thursday and a Friday. Tuck Shop day for Class 6 is each Monday. As children will be taking responsibility for their own money, please try and bring it in either a named purse, envelope or clear money bag.


From Monday, the children in Class 6 will be able to nominated one person who they feel has been really kind or helpful to them for Star of the Week. Whoever is voted as Start of the Week is then able to take home Zak for the week!
Zak is a very much looking forward to his adventure each week with the Star of the Week. Zak comes with his own exercise book, as he loves his adventures to be written down so he can share them with the rest of the class. However – Zak’s hooves mean he cannot hold a pencil to write, so whichever lucky child gets to take him home has to make sure they write down their adventure with him. A picture can be added too if you like, drawn or printed.


Next week Year 2 will be:


  • Writing up and sending their postcards
  • Investigating the features of formal letters
  • Continuing their learning on place value (up to 100)
  • Exploring more of the world and its food
  • Finding out what will happen next in The Monster Crisp-Guzzler.

Class Overview

Our class teacher is Mrs Clarke and on Thursday afternoon and Friday, Mr Wright teaches us. Our Assistants are Mrs Lowe and Miss Hardy.

Our topic for the Autumn term will be 'Food Around The World'.
We will be learning English and Maths in the mornings which will include phonics and handwriting. In the afternoons we will be doing a range of lessons and activities using our 'Rainbow Curriculum of Greasley'.
We will have a hall P.E session and outdoor P.E session each week. We need to bring our kit into school on the Monday, where it will stay until the holidays.

In Year 2 we will do a weekly spelling test which is based on the sounds and patterns learned in phonics. A spelling activity and list of words to learn will be stuck into the homework books on a Friday and spellings tested on the following Friday. We should learn the spellings at home, with help from grown ups if needed. A list of high frequency words which can be practiced alongside weekly spellings to support both our reading and writing, will also be sent home at the class meeting (Thursday 24th September).
We will also receive a maths homework on a Friday, which we should bring back completed by the following Thursday.

Our reading books will be changed weekly unless a grown up requests them to be changed in the reading diary, this will allow us to read our book more than once which will develop reading fluency and comprehension skills.

Tuck Shop will be open to our class once weekly on a Monday.

Please do pop in and see any of the Class 6 team if you have any questions or need ideas about how to support your child at home.
We are all very much looking forward to working with you and your child this year!

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