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Friday 26th April 2019

Well I can't quite believe our first week back is done already. The children have come back full of beans even after a long 2 weeks off! Although we are all tired we've been working super hard. 

This week we started a new book 'The way back home' so far we have only read two pages and its been really keeping us in suspense! In English we have been working on some book talk using key phrases such as 'I predict that' and then justifying our answers with evidence from the book!

In maths we have been looking at making equal groups, this has proven really tricky but were not fazed at all. 

We have also been busy this week kick starting our new topic 'To infinity and beyond'. The children created mind maps to show me what they already know about space and I was SO impressed with how much knowledge they had! We spoke about zero gravity, Earth's orbit and meteors! 


Have a great weekend everyone :-) 

Friday 22nd March 2019

Another week gone by and wow its been a busy one! This week has been an assessment week and I am so so proud of all the children!! 

They have sat for reading tests, maths tests and independent writing and have done a great job!

The children have been working this week on writing a diary entry as if they were Beegu and have done an absolutely fantastic job. We have been loving the story of Beegu so far and are yet to get to the end!

In maths we have been doing lots of measuring, the rulers are proving a little tricky but we will get there!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss Schofield :-) 

Friday 1st March 2019

Our first week back done and dusted and what an amazing week it has been! We have been super busy!

We started the week with a visit from Mrs Jamson - she was so confused and worried abotu something that had happened on the field but was SO busy she asked year 1 to investigate. So of course, we accepted her mission and went straight up to the field with our clipboards. You wont believe what we found! An alien landing!! We had to look for all sorts of clues to figure out what had happened and the children loved it.


We have then begun to read a new story called Beegu and we think it MUST have something to do with the alien crash but we are still investigating. 

Later in the week we were lucky enough to have a special visitor who helped us make recycled paper using pulp, water, wooden frames and rolling pins. The children did a fab job as it was quite tricky! some of my sheets won't serve much purpose I don't think haha!! They also now have a great understanding of what we can do to prevent so many trees being cut down!

To end the week today, Denny has kindly brought in his Giant land snail for us all to look at. We have loved having our little visitor and its been great to learn all about how to look after him - what a treat. 

Spellings this week are:







Well I can’t quite believe we are at the end of another half term already and what a great week to end on!! As I am sure you are aware this week we have been focusing on the rainbow values. In year 1 we have been doing lots of different of activities. We started the week by growing our minds by learning the chorus to ‘a million dreams’ in Makaton and teaching it to the children in Orange 1. We overcame our obstacles with some challenging marble races and got our minds and bodies active with some orienteering! We also had the chance to watch year 3 develop their new skill of playing the recorder and we demonstrated respect and acceptance by being a thoughtful audience!

In English this week we have been talking all about being inclusive but individual. We have been watching the animated story ‘The Lost Thing’ and the children absolutely blew me away with their descriptive writing!!! In maths we have been using our active body and mind to compare groups of objects on the playground using chalk to draw our new signs <, > and =.

Yesterday we were lucky to have so many of you come and see our carnival display. It will be staying in school up at the office so our many visitors can enjoy it. We hope you enjoyed seeing it all looking so beautiful!!

Today ended with a fantastic showcase of all the work the children have been doing, it has been a great week and the children all look fantastic in their rainbow colours!!

There is no homework and spellings this week,

Have a great holidays!

Miss Schofield J

Friday 8th February 2019

Hi everyone,
What a great week we have had and now the time is just flying by only one week left till half term! After our fabulous parent event the children wrote some AMAZING instructions on how to make a carnival mask. In maths they have been busy getting to know tens and units for numbers to 50! We have also enjoyed a variety of Chinese New Year activities and revisiting the story 'we are all different, we are all friends'. 
Spellings this week are: 
Have a great weekend :-)

Friday 1st February 2019

What a week! This week we have so much fun! in English we have been learning all about lions, including very, very cute videos of lion cubs and have been using our new found knowledge to write fact files! 

In maths we have been completing a fun carousel of different activities to secure our understanding of addition and subtraction as we move into place value to 50 next week! 

In Science we've really enjoyed watching our beans grow and talk about how we can care for them. We also had the fun of going on a wild plant hunt (even if we did get a bit wet!). We found so much in our school grounds from brambles to ivy, clover, daisies and moss. 

Have a great weekend, with the snow trying its best be safe and have fun! 

Friday 11th January 2019

I can't quite believe our first week back has finished already! Everyone has come back recharged, happy and ready to learn! The children have launched straight into their new topic and seem to be really enjoying it. As I'm sure you know our new topic this half term is 'Carnival' and we have loved focusing on floats so far this week! We just can't believe how fantastic some of them are!

In math's the children have just started working on number bonds to 20, this is proving quite tricky but the children are proving their resilience! 

We are really excited about our new project based homework and hope you will enjoy it too. The sheet can be found in the homework section of Orange 2's page. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Schofield

Friday 12th October 2018


Another week done... can you believe it's nearly half term!?! 

The children have been working really hard this week on our new story 'My Mum has X ray Vision' Mum could see all sorts with her X-ray eyes... I'm sure your children will tell you all about it!


In maths the children have been starting some early addition using a part whole model to help them. I'm amazed at how well these young little minds have already soaked up so much maths knowledge!! In English the children have been writing sentences to match pictures from the story and taking part in some role play!


This week we have done some circle time around the fantastic story 'We are all different, we are all friends'. The book looked a variety of different children and Orange 2 were able to come up with some great questions and showed a lot of respect for people who are different to us. In choosing time, the children did a variety of activities around this story.


Have a lovely (hopefully sunny) weekend!! 

Miss Schofield :-)

Friday 5th October 2018

Happy Friday! It's been a great week this week filled with lots of excitement. Our new playground looks almost ready and we have enjoyed watching it's progress everyday. 


No Pens Wednesday was an enjoyable (and surprisingly tricky) day! The children were baffled at the concept of us not being able to use a pencil at all!! English and Maths was a carousel of different 'hands on' activities to reach several learning objectives and the children really got stuck in to the variety of practical activities. 


For the rest of the week in maths, the children have been learning about ordinal numbers. We started the week off with some competitions of who could build a tower of 10 cubes the quickest. We discussed and awarded rosettes from 1st to 5th place. 


In English the children have been writing a letter to the Three Little Superpigs to say thank you for saving the people of Fairyland! They have all been really impressing me with their writing and readiness to have a go this week! 


Have a great weekend :-) 









Friday 28th September 2018


How fast has this week gone?! The children have been working so hard and are really getting in to the swing of Year One now! I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the hard work you put in with the rainbow values homework! We had some really fantastic pieces and Mrs Bates was very impressed!


This week in English the children have been learning about a new story 'The Three Little Superpigs' the three little pigs with a twist! We will be continuing the story next week so i'm sure the children will tell you all about it. I've been really impressed this week with how the children have all had a fantastic try at writing simple sentences to describe the wolf, some even using conjunctions!


In maths this week the children have been working more on place value and number by using the symbols <, > and = to compare numbers and quantities of objects.


In the afternoons, the children have enjoyed the sunshine whilst practicing their throwing and catching skills in lots of different ways. The children have also been talking about different food groups and creating a eat well plate. In choosing time, some children chose to carefully observe, draw and take photos of conkers and their shells. 


Have a great weekend :-)  

Friday 21st September 2018

Well we've had a busy week this week and I think we are all ready for a relaxing weekend! 

This week the children have been learning about the story Zippo the Super Hippo and his pretend super powers.


Taking inspiration from the story the children have been writing sentences to say what makes them super!

In maths, the children have been working hard on one more and one less in lots and lots of different ways!

Spellings this week: 








Have a fantastic weekend- Miss Schofield :-)