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Tuck Shop

Year 3 children can attend Tuck Shop during morning break on any day, if they wish.

(Free, school provided fruit snacks are not provided after Year 2.)


Tuck shop prices

Toast 20p, toast and jam 25p, English muffin 25p, toasted tea cake 25p, fruit pot 30p, muffin with cheese and tomato puree 40p, low sugar juice drink 45p.


Money to be sent in a labelled purse or wallet. Children are encouraged to look after their own money by storing it in their school tray or bag.


Children may also bring their own healthy breakfast bar or fruit/vegetable snack to eat at morning break. These should not contain any chocolate (and ideally be low in refined sugar too).



Cartons of milk can be ordered and prepaid for via the school office for any year group.