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Summer 1

Summer 1 - Week 6 - 22nd - 26th May 2017

MATHS We will completing both of our Maths assessments this week. We are well prepared for these so we should fly through them.
ENGLISH We will be doing our last Reading assessment and editing our stories that we wrote on Friday last week
GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION As we completed our Grammar and Punctuation assessment last week, we will be focusing more of out time on looking at grammar and punctuation when we are reading to Miss Manson or Mrs Wright.
PSHE Question of the week - What does it mean show good sportsmanship?
PE It is Sports Day on Thursday so we will be practising or really skills and making up our own race.
SCIENCE We will be completing our end of unit Science assessment.
HANDWRITING Knowing when to join and when not to join lowercase letters to capital letters
MUSIC Mrs Chambers will be taking us for singing on Friday afternoon.
RE We will be learning about a Jewish story.

In pairs, we will be completing our roly-poly bird in the style of Andy Goldsworthy's art work.

Summer 1 - Week 4 - 8th - 12th May 2017

MATHS We continued revising what have been learning since the start of the year and WOW, we have remembered a lot!

We planned and wrote a story about a girl and the things that she takes out of her bag. We based our writing on this video: 

GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION We had short grammar and punctuation revision session each morning and completed our assessment on Thursday. 
PSHE Question of the week - Do you think that we should have assessments?
PE We practised various types of relay races. 
SCIENCE We looked at the difference between bulbs and seeds and what each looks like as it grows. We also learnt that onions are bulbs that we eat.
HANDWRITING We continued practising our letter formation - ensuring that we form letters neatly so that others can read what we write.
MUSIC We had no singing this week.
PSHE LESSON We looked at what it means to be resilient.

 We cut out paper leaves to stick to our roly-poly bird in the style of Andy Goldsworthy's natural art .