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Friday 29th March


This week, we have been busy writing diary entries as Tim Peake from the ISS. In maths, we have been continuing our learning with decimals. We have also been linking this to percentages. In science, we conducted an air resistance experiment to see who could design the best parachute. Josh and Arlo managed this as their parachute fell the slowest from the balcony. In music, the children got creative and made their own panpipes from straws. We also had great fun making Mother's Day cards and the children loved getting creative to make something super special. 


Have a good weekend, 

Miss Thompson

Friday 22nd March


I'm sure there are some very tired Y5s this week after assessment week! The children have worked their socks off to improve their scores from their last tests in the Autumn Term, with some children even making significant progress. They should all be very proud of themselves - I certainly am! 


Aside from assessments, we have been partitioning decimals in maths, learning about gravity in science and creating some amazing lost in space artwork in art! 


Have a well deserved break this weekend, 

Miss Thompson

Friday 15th March


Next week is assessment week so our normal timetable may be slightly altered to accommodate this.


Well done to each and every one of you for contributing to winning (by a long way!) the battle on Times Tables Rockstars against Indigo 1. A special well done to Charlie, Holly and Katherine, who were the top three scorers in Indigo 2. 


In English this week the children have written a persuasive advert for a holiday to the moon. We have moved on to decimals in maths and started to secure our understanding of the place value of each digit within a decimal number.


This week has been Science Week so our afternoons have been all about sleeping and resting. We started the week by discussing what time the children went to sleep and woke up and many were surprised to find that they weren't getting enough sleep. The recommended amount of sleep a 9 or 10 year old should be getting is 10-11 hours a night. The children created a 'Top Tips!' page for resting and sleeping and I set them all a challenge to turn their screens off an hour before bed because we found out that the blue light in the screens reduces the amount of melatonin (a hormone that makes us sleepy) our body makes. We also practised mindfulness throughout the week. On Wednesday, we spent 20 minutes focusing on nothing else but our breathing. Some of the children found this quite tricky! We ended Science Week with a showcase of our work in the hall for all the other year groups to come and look at. 


Today, we celebrated Comic Relief by having an afternoon 'Joke Off' assembly. All of the children's jokes were very funny and it was great to see so many eager to take part. 

Thank you for all of the selfies; they made a great slideshow to have on in the background of the assembly!


See you all next week,

Miss Thompson

Friday 8th March


With World Book Day, swimming and a visit to Hall Park Academy, it feels like this week has been super busy for Year 5. All of the children really enjoyed the visit to Hall Park on Wednesday. We started the morning with a German lesson, where the children learnt how to say different sports and share whether or not they love, like, dislike or hate them.

We then had a P.E. session before lunch. The children had to order things from a McDonald's style menu and then work off their choices by doing different exercises. There were burpees, skipping, step ups, lunges and lots of others! It's safe to say the children were extremely tired afterwards!

After lunch, we had an ICT lesson, where the children created a storyboard on the computer. We may have got caught in the rain on the way home, but it didn't dampen the children's spirits!


In maths this week we have been comparing and ordering fractions. We are continuing with this for part of next week, before moving on to decimals. In English, the children have completed another independent piece of writing showcasing their use of relative pronouns for relative clauses. Next week, we are moving on to persuasive writing. 


We ended the week learning about the Suffragettes Emily Davison and Emmeline Pankhurst, as today is International Women's Day. 


Next week is Science Week and our focus as a school is 'Active Body, Active Mind'. 


Have a great weekend,

Miss Thompson

Friday 1st March


Lots of things to remember for next week! We are going to Hall Park on Wednesday all day. Please remember to send your child with a packed lunch and a water bottle as well as appropriate clothing as we are walking there and back. On Thursday, it is World Book Day; please see the Class Dojo message and letter that has gone out regarding how this will work with swimming. 


We have had such a busy, but short week back after half term. In English, we have been focusing on relative clauses. The children have written some great sentences about space that use a relative clause. In maths, we have been busy multiplying fractions by a whole number (integer) and today, we have moved on to finding unit and non unit fractions of amounts. 

In science, we completed our end of unit test and started our new topic Forces. We ended the week with a computing lesson and our first lesson of French. 


Have a great weekend,

Miss Thompson

Friday 8th February


A reminder that there is no swimming on Thursday due to the Gala. Also, we go to Hall Park on Monday afternoon to watch their performance of 'School of Rock'. We will be leaving school at approximately 12:30 and should hopefully be back in time for the end of the day. We will keep you updated via the school office if we are running late walking back.


I can't believe we are into our final week of the half term already and what an exciting week it will be to end on - Rainbow Week! On Friday, the children can come to school wearing a plain, rainbow-coloured top/jumper and as many rainbow themed accessories as they like! 

Each year group will be focusing on certain Rainbow Values throughout the week.

Year 5 will be focusing on: 


Respect and Acceptance

Inclusive Yet Individual

Nurture, Develop and Grow

Overcome Your Obstacles.


In maths this week we have been getting to grips with adding fractions, including mixed numbers and improper fractions. There are lots of steps to remember and most of the children are almost there! We will be continuing this next week, as well as moving on to subtracting fractions. Our geography learning this week has been a fact file on an animal living in the Amazon Rainforest. As it was Internet Safety Day, the children discussed different scenarios and decided where to order them on a scale of 'not risky' to 'very risky'. In science, following on from our night and day learning last week, we applied our knowledge to understand the different time zones of the world this week. The children found it particularly interesting to learn that some continents and countries have more than one time zone within them. We ended the week with an art lesson. We learnt a little bit about Peter Thorpe, an artist famous for his rocket artwork and then the children created their own piece of space art using his work for inspiration. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Thompson


Image result for peter thorpe  

Monday 4th February


A reminder that there will be no swimming this week or next week due to gala practice.

If your child has been chosen to take part in gala trials, they will need to bring their kit as normal.


We are moving on to adding and subtracting fractions this week. We spent all of last week learning how to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions; it's safe to say the children are now masters at this!

In English, we have come to the end of writing our own version of Cosmic. The children have really enjoyed doing this and I can't wait to see them all written up in neat and illustrated, which is what we are going to be doing for some of this week.

On Friday, the children learnt all about Chinese New Year and produced some fantastic pieces of work explaining the festival.


Miss Thompson

Friday 25th January


We have now finished off looking at written methods including short division, which most of the class have now mastered! We have started to look at fractions; in particular equivalent fractions, their meaning and how we can recognise different types of equivalent fractions.


In English, we have continued writing our own versions based on the book, 'Cosmic'. We had the chance to recreate our own spaceship launch and identified what it might feel like as we were preparing for take off and also when we reached space!


In science, we continued looking at space by identifying key scientists involved with the planets and our solar system and whether or not they believed the Heliocentric or Geocentric model. The children then created their own fact file based on one of these scientists. 


Have a great weekend, 

Miss Thompson

Friday 11th January

Happy first week back! It has been a busy one in Indigo 2 with the highlight for most being our first swimming session! 


The children have settled back into school routine really well and are really enjoying reading Cosmic, our new book. In maths, our block is multiplication and division and we have been learning how to use long multiplication, which is the preferred formal written method. Most children have mastered this for two digit x two digit and are confident enough to move on to hundreds and thousands. We are continuing with this next week and moving on to applying this skill to word problems. 

In science, the children discussed why some people used to believe (some still do) that the Earth is flat, not spherical. In our geography lesson we started to learn about North and South America and the children labelled some countries and their capitals within both continents. The children have also begun to research a planet in our Solar System to prepare them for writing a fact file about it. 


Have a great weekend,

Miss Thompson

Spring Term Topic


This term we are studying Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. It is about a boy called Liam who ends up getting lost in space. We will be studying this book throughout the term, until Easter. Our geography learning will be about North and South America. We will be finding out about the similarities and differences of their landscapes and countries that are within them. 


Image result for cosmic frank cottrell boyce