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Weekly spellings are tested each Friday. Please encourage your child to practise these words regularly throughout the week. The spelling tests will be stuck into the back of the homework books.

Year 2 spelling list

The children have all been introduced to the 50 key words, which will become a focus in year two this year. The words are from the statutory lists suggested within the new National Curriculum and we will test the children on these words at the end of every half term. The words will form part of our spelling program and will provide a focus for the spelling patterns we cover throughout our spelling lessons each week.

There is no expectation for your child to learn all of these words straight away but they should be able to spell as many as possible by the end of the academic year.


badge fudge huge giant city
knock written middle tunnel hospital
pencil July flies copied crying
nicest humming always mother monkey
squash world towards treasure sadness
happiness didn't girl's station there
their they're night knight floor
because children great pretty beautiful
people would hour sugar Christmas
father gold improve clothes money