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Pupil Parliament


Welcome to the Greasley Beauvale
Pupil Parliament Page!

Visit from MP Anna Soubry - Friday 13th January.

Today, we were visited by MP Anna Soubry. We had the opportunity to tell her all about what we get up to as a Pupil Parliament as well as asking her some questions. We found out that a trip to the Houses of Parliament could take place for Pupil Parliament in the summer term - how exciting! We told Anna all about our Neat and Tidy Classroom Award, our suggestions box and our role in the science weather station project. She also gave us some ideas for how we as a Pupil Parliament can get involved in the local community. A fantastic meeting!


Anna Soubry and our Primary Minister and Deputies.


Our new Pupil Parliament is made up of children throughout the school who applied for these important positions and then gave a short speech in front of the whole school. The MPs were then democratically voted in by the rest of the children within school.

There are three Cabinet members, a Primary Minister, her three Deputy Ministers, and a further six members (two from Y5, two from Y4 and two from Y3).

Here at The Parliament we take our role in school extremely seriously. We are, in fact, the 'Pupil Voice'.

We meet as a whole Parliament once each fortnight with Miss McKellar to make decisions that benefit our school and the children that learn and have fun here.

Meet our Pupil Parliament:

Picture 1 Primary Minister
Picture 2 Deputy Primary Ministers
Picture 3 Deputy Primary Ministers
Picture 4 Deputy Primary Ministers
Picture 5 Year 5 Members of Parliament
Picture 6 Year 5 Members of Parliament
Picture 7 Year 4 Members of Parliament
Picture 8 Year 4 Members of Parliament
Picture 9 Year 3 Members of Parliament
Picture 10 Year 3 Members of Parliament