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Orange 1

Welcome to Orange 1's class webpage! 

Friday 11th January 2019


Welcome back and happy new year! I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas break. I really enjoyed hearing what the children had been up to in circle time on Monday.

What a busy week it has been! The children enjoyed being detectives on Monday. They used the clues to find out what our new topic is. 



We have learnt all about what a Carnival is and we have had a go at designing our own float. The children loved using the atlas' to find the places of different Carnivals. 


In Maths, the children have been learning all about number bonds to 10. They are getting really quick at reciting these now! We moved onto number bonds to 20 and will continue this next week. 


We have sent out our topic homework this week as well as a Dojo message telling you all about it! This is a new way of doing homework for us, so please share your views as to how you think it is going. 


Have a lovely weekend. 












Friday 30th November


As December draws near, the children have been busy practising the songs for the Christmas concert. They are getting really good at them. I hope that you all received the letter with your child role and costume needs. If not, pop in and see me. 


The children have been learning all about nouns in English this week. They really enjoyed going on a noun hunt around school, saying whether they were places, peoples or things. They have also been using and to extend their sentences. 


The children have very much enjoyed learning about 2D and 3D shapes this week. They made their own posters to remind us of the names. ​​​​​The children also enjoyed investigating which shapes would stack and which would not! As well as who could build the tallest tower. And the winners were....


Friday 26th October 2018


Well Orange 1, we have made our way to the end of the first half term. And what a busy half term it has been! I would say that you are all now fully fledged Year 1's! Me and Mrs Greaves are very proud of how well you have adapted and how hard you have worked! Therefore, there is no homework, or spellings, over the half term holiday. Just have a really good time! 


In English this week we have been reading the story 'Captain Brainpower'. The children came up with some amazing words to describe his arch nemesis The Mighty Mean Machine, and used them in their writing. They also did plans for Captain Brainpower's Brilliant Brian Plane in his secret inventions book.












In maths, the children have been learning all about addition. They have used 10 frames, part- part-whole models and equipment to help them. They have also been writing their own addition number sentences. 


Have a lovely half term break! :) 

Miss Atamaniuk 

Friday 19th October 2018


The children have absolutely loved reading the story 'Supertato' this week. We even had our own 'Superveggies' visit the classroom! We have been busy creating our own villiians, writing speech bubbles for the characters and retelling the story... channeling our inner authors! 


In maths, we have been learning all about addition. We have tested our knowledge in lots of different ways. The children have used Numicon, cubes and ten frames to find the number bonds to 10. We also learnt a fun new song to help us remember! 


Another busy week in Year 1. We have lots of fun things planned for our final week of half term!

Well done on a super week Orange 1! 

Friday 5th October 


Another busy week in Orange 1! The children have excitedly watched the new playground being built! It is nearly ready to be played on! It looks great! 


Wednesday was 'No Pen's Wednesday' in school. The children enjoyed a practical day of learning. We set up a carosel of 'hands on' activities in English and and Maths. The children really enjoyed it. Although, some did miss their pencil cases! 


In English, the children have been learning all about exclamation marks and the affect they have on a sentence. We had lots of fun using our voices to demonstrate this. We got in character as the 3 Super Pigs and the wolf! The children enjoyed filming their work on the IPADS, 


In Maths, the children have been learning about ordinal numbers. We gave the children different challenges and then awarded the rosettes at the end. What a fun way to learn! 


Have a great weekend. 









Friday 28th September 2018


This week has flown by! The children have been busily working away on their learning. We really are getting into the swing of Year 1 now and I couldn't be prouder of how they are adapting and embracing the new challenges! All of them have shown the rainbow values in some way this week. A big well done. 


In English, the children were introduced to the story, 'The Three Super Pigs.' The story is very exciting and we found out what happened to the three little pigs and the big bad wolf after the original story. This one, however, involved jet packs and a very big wall! I'll let your children fill you in on the rest! 


In Maths, the children have been comparing numbers. They have used the language greater, greatest and fewer, fewest. They have also used the mathematical signs <> and = to compare numbers and sets of objects. They have really got the hang of this now.


We have also been testing the properties of materials in science. The children enjoyed exploring the different objects and deciding which properties describe them. We also looked at the eat well plate as part of our learning in DT. The children sorted foods into their food groups. This will help us to make a delicious, and healthy, dip in the coming weeks. 


Happy weekend :) 





Friday 21st September 2018


This week the children have enjoyed reading the story 'Zippo the Super Hippo.' It has a very funny ending! They have written lists for things they would put in there super hero bag and also about how they are super!

This week the children had the opportunity to try lots of dipper as part of our project in DT. We thought about which ones worked the best. 


As I write this the rain pours outside! I hope it doesn't dampen your weekend! See you Monday!









Friday 14th September 2018


What a wonderful first full week in Orange 1! The children have settled in wonderfully, and they have been working very hard! 

In maths, the children have been counting, ordering and representing numbers to 10. They have used lots of different resources to aid their understanding, including Numicon, cubes and number lines. 

In English, we have been reading the story, 'Superkid'. The children made themselves into superheroes, they came up with some great names! They even helped me with my name..... Electric Atamaniuk! 

The children really enjoyed trying lots of different dips this week as part of their DT work. In the coming weeks we will be designing our own delicious dip!


Have a wonderful weekend!