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Indigo 2

Welcome to Indigo 2's webpage 

The quickest and easiest way to get in contact with me is via Class Dojo. 

Please do not hesitate to get get in touch with me this way should you need to.

Friday 7th June


A short, but busy week back to the start of the final half term as Year 5s! 


On Thursday afternoon, we were lucky to have Lydia in to do a session with us about how we can reduce our waste in our packed lunches. She shared some very interesting and shocking figures with us telling us that if there are 100 children in each school, with each child having 8 pieces of rubbish, that makes 77,000,000 pieces of rubbish each year across Nottinghamshire! It really made us realise that our one small action does lead to much larger consequences for our local and global environment. 


On Wednesday afternoon we conducted an experiment to find the best thermal insulator for a new packed lunch bag. We did this by observing ice cubes wrapped in different materials. We measured the temperature of the ice cubes in 5 minute intervals and also observed the state of the ice cube too. We found that out of the materials we tested, foil was the most effective thermal insulator. 


In our class assembly this week, we marked the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Isobel brought in a magazine from home that had a double page spread about the landing. We read this as a class and discussed our poems we created about the D-Day landings a few weeks ago.


Have a great weekend,

Miss Thompson

Friday 17th May


In English this week,  we have been focusing on poems. The children watched a short film called, 'Beyond the Lines' which is about the Normandy landing. They then created a short poem based on this. In maths, we have finished our angles learning and next week we are moving on to co-ordinates. In science, we started our first lesson on materials and did a mini experiment to test the properties of different classroom materials. Yesterday, we continued with the Anderson Shelters and the children used papier mache to strengthen and prepare them for painting next week. We managed to get outside for P.E. this afternoon after being indoors because of rain for the last two weeks - a great way to finish the week!


See you all on Monday,

Miss Thompson

Friday 10th May


In English, this week our writing has been a balanced argument. To prepare for this, on Tuesday we planned a debate and on Wednesday we debated "Evacuation, why not everyone?". A special mention to Lily and Leah who very fairly and sensibly debated their points. In maths, our focus has moved on from decimals to angles. The children have loved getting to grips with using a protractor. Our topic lesson this week was about rationing in WWII. The children made a weekly planner of their own food and then we looked at wartime recipes. Next week, they will be making a collaged plate of a meal in wartime Britain. On Thursday, we started the Anderson Shelters. It is safe to say, every single child is determined to make it the best it possibly can be! They have made a start on their base and constructed their roof. Next week, we will move on to looking at adding detail on the inside and preparing the outside for painting.


Have a great weekend!

Miss Thompson

Friday 3rd May


In English, we have written a newspaper article about the evacuation of children from major cities during WWII. The children have been working hard to ensure they included direct quotes that were correctly punctuated. In topic, the children created some lovely informative posters explaining their understanding of WWII (including The Blitz). We finished our 'Fantastic Forces' topic in science this week. Next week, we will be completing the end of unit test before moving on to 'Properties and Changes of Materials'. 


Have a great bank holiday weekend,

Miss Thompson

Summer Term Topic


In the Summer term, our topic is World War II - our text is Goodnight, Mister Tom. One of my favourite ever books - I know you're going to love it!