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Indigo 1


This week has been full of different exciting events! Firstly, we had our fantastic Viking day on Thursday and also completed a number of activities based around Comic Relief on Friday. Thankyou so much for all your efforts and enthusiasm!


In English, we had the chance this week to write up our persuasive speeches directed at the Sorting Hat to persuade it to place us into the house of our choice at Hogwarts. All the children read with such passion that there were plenty of tough decisions as to which House they should be placed into!


In Maths, we started to look at Prime Numbers, Squared Numbers and even Cubed Numbers this week. We have become aware of squared and cubed numbers up to 12 cubed and completed a number of word problems based around them.


In History, we continued to look at the Viking and in particular, two key Anglo-Saxon Kings who had a massive impact on their dealing with the Vikings, King Alfred and King Athelston. 


A very busy week, now enjoy your weekend!


Mr Fisher




Welcome back everyone! This week we have celebrated the centenary of the first World War by completing a number of Artistic activities involving poppies and the soldiers which sacrificed their lives during such an important part in our history.

In English, we started to look at the Sorting Hat chapter within Harry Potter and payed close attention to the houses and decided which one we would like to be in during our own year at Hogwarts. We then started to plan our own persuasive letter using AFOREST techniques to help persuade the Sorting Hat to place us into the House which we want! We will complete these next week!

In maths, we started to look at multiples and factors and became used to key mathematical terms such as prime numbers and products.


We also started our Vikings topic this week in preparation for our visit next Thursday! A quick reminder to you all that it is a dress up day, so get your Viking clothes at the ready!


See you all next week,


Mr Fisher







During our final week before half term, we have continued to look at statistic within Maths lessons and in particular focussing on timetables and how to interpret them. We then had to apply our knowledge of time to work out the duration it took for trains to reach different stops and work out the differences in times between them.


In English, we completed our independent write this week based on a recount from the Diagon Alley chapter within Harry Potter. We were able to watch clips from the movie which showed Harry entering Diagon Alley with Hagrid and looking around all the different shops and even entering Gringotts bank! The children really applied themselves during this and completed some incredible pieces of writing which included fronted adverbials, semi-colons, relative clauses and of course a wide range of ambitious vocabulary!


Image result for diagon alley gif


In other lessons, we managed to round off our topic of living things in Science, completed a number of mini-activities within P.E, finished our topic of Anglo-Saxons by producing a powerpoint based on our knowledge of them over the past half term.


A huge thank you for all your support this half term, and it has been great seeing so many of you at parent's evening. Have a lovely half term and see you all in November!


Mr Fisher 





Firstly this week, I would like to say a huge well done to all of the runners from Indigo 1 who took part in the cross country event on Wednesday. To have so many pupils doing so well, and all being from the class has made me immensely proud! So congratulations to all of you. I'm sure it must be down to my amazing P.E lessons!


This week we have continued to go in depth with our Harry Potter chapter based around Harry's journey to platform 9 3/4 and we have been able to write up our own recounts based on this chapter. We have also had the chance to look at modal verbs and adverbs and have begun to identify and use these within our writing.


In maths, we have moved onto statistics for the next few weeks and have started to look at how to interpret data from simple line graphs. We also had the chance to record our own heart rate and observe how it changes depending on different types of physical activities we completed. 


In art, we finished off our Harry Potter collages and have started to now create our own fortune tellers relating to which house we could be in after half term!


See you all next week!


Mr Fisher






This week in Indigo 1 we have started to discuss recounts with the class and their key features in preparation for writing our own recount of reaching Hogwarts for the first time! We have started to discuss what we need to include in our recounts and have broken them down into detailed sections.


In maths this week, we continued revising our written methods including column addition and subtraction with numbers beyond 4-digits. The children have worked extremely hard to progress with their understanding of these methods and applied their problem solving skills to a number of tasks.


Within other subjects, we have continued with our multi-sports within P.E, continued to look at Anglo-Saxon Gods and Goddesses, and started to create our own Harry Potter Fortune Tellers within Art. We have also completed our own Marauder's Maps by applying tea staining to them. Some of them look absolutely incredible and will try and upload some to Dojo in the coming week!


See you all on Monday!


Mr Fisher









Wow, a busy week and the children have worked their socks off to complete some tests which were set this week within reading, mathematics and grammar and punctuation. Our week was nicely broken up by completing our newspaper reports about the break in at Gringotts bank and also taking part in the 'No Pens' day on Wednesday.


I was massively impressed with the analysis of different pictures we looked at and deciding how each picture can tell 'A Thousand Words'. We also had the chance to use laptops this week to create our own powerpoint presentations based on the Scientist Jane Goodall. We had the chance to watch a short video clip about her life and analysis of Chimpanzees in Tanzania. It really was an eye opener to see how these Chimpanzees are so similar to us!


Image result for jane goodall


I hope you all have a great weekend and are ready for another busy week starting Monday!


Mr Fisher





Within Harry Potter this week, we have started to witness Harry's journey to Hogwarts first hand, by watching a number of clips from the film and his encounter with Hagrid. We have just started to plan our own newspaper articles based on the robbery at Gringotts. We just don't know who committed such a crime - was it Harry??


Image result for gringotts bank robbery newspaper report


We have also recapped our understanding of inverted commas this week and it will hopefully help us include a number of direct quotes within our newspaper reports next week.


In Maths, we have continued to revise our place value understanding and been able to count in 10s, 100s and 1000s from any given number. We have also used number lines to help us count backwards and forwards crossing zero. Next week we will begin to recap our understanding of column addition and subtraction with larger numbers!


Finally, we also created our own Marauders Maps this week to try and replicate the ones in Harry Potter, but adjusted slightly to match our own desired school. I will post some on Class Dojo in the coming week so keep an eye out!


See you all in October!


Mr Fisher






This week we have continued learning about relative clauses and how to use them in our writing. We then had the chance to begin to look at semi-colons and how they are used! Some of us had never heard of them or seen them before so we had to practice writing them too. We then incorporated all this knowledge into a letter written by Professor McGonagall to Harry answering all the questions he has about beginning his term at Hogwarts.


Image result for professor mcgonagall


In Maths, we continued our place value understanding by looking at numbers up to 6-digits. With this secure, we will be moving onto written methods, including column addition and subtraction next week.


Across other subjects, we have had the chance to look at the reproduction of plants in Science, most notably how to use cuttings to reproduce specific plants. We have also continued looking at the Anglo-Saxons and where the names of English towns and cities originate from.


Have a great weekend!


Mr Fisher




Wow! Time is flying and we have already been able to read the first two chapters of Harry Potter together as a class. To introduce our topic, the children have been researching J.K Rowling and started to plan their own biographies of the famous author. We have also attempted to include relative clauses within our biographies as well!


In maths, we have started by ensuring that our place value understanding is secure all the way up to 6 digits. With this knowledge, we have started to round larger numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Also, we briefly recapped our knowledge of Roman Numerals and used only a small guide to help us convert numbers all the way up to 1000 into numerals.


Across other subjects, we have started multi-skills within P.E sessions, started to learn all about how the Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain in history, and learnt about features of plants and how they reproduce in Science. So another very busy week!


Already looking forward to next week! Have a great weekend Indigo 1.


Mr Fisher

Image result for harry potter marauders map gif




A great first week back at Greasley and we have been able to complete a number of activities based around key rules across English and Maths for the year. We discussed routines and expectations for the year as well.


We also had the chance to help create a display for our book corner by drawing detailed illustrations of our favourite books and writing up our own personalised book reviews!


Please note that P.E will be on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons, so please ensure that your child has their P.E kits ready for next week.


It has been an enjoyable, if only short first week back! I look forward to seeing you all for the first full week on Monday!

Mr Fisher








Wow, the summer has absolutely flown by and I am looking forward to seeing you all again in a few days time.

As you can see, our class name has changed as well to Indigo 1!


When returning on Wednesday, can you please ensure that we gather all P.E kits in ready to start the new year by the end of the week. There will be lots of sorting and getting back into routines over the first few days!


Our topic for the first term is VERY exciting based all around Harry Potter. I hope you are ready for a magical few weeks ahead.


Image result for harry potter and the philosopher's stone


I will see you all on Wednesday, and will give a more comprehensive update on Friday when we are all back into the swing of things. 


Mr Fisher