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Green 2


                              WELCOME TO YEAR 3

                                          GREEN 2


May 13th

This week in maths we have started looking at telling the time. The children have recapped half past, o'clock and quarter to/past, as well as using a calendar to answer questions about the days in a month. Following this, the children have moved on to looking at telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes (e.g. 25 past), and recording this using digits. They found this a little tricky so any extra practise of telling the time at home would be extremely beneficial!


In English the children have started to look into poetry. We began by performing poems using intonation, volume and expression. Then we labelled the key features of a poem e.g. rhyming, repetition, alliteration and onomatopoeia. The children then applied their knowledge of animals in the rainforest to write animal poems. 


In Science the children have explored pollination, and the key parts of a plant in this process. This included taking apart flowers to investigate them, labeling a diagram and writing about the pollination process.


As our topic is rainforests, we have focused this week on animals of the rainforest, creating fact files about them and placing them in the correct layer of the rainforest. 


As part of our topic we will soon be making biomes in a bottle, where children will create their own 'rainforest' scene, growing a plant inside a 2 litre plastic bottle. Any 2 litre plastic bottles that could be donated to school for your child to use in this activity would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you for your continued support, 


Mrs Clarke :) 

May 3rd

It's been another busy week of learning in Year 3, the children are most certainly ready for an extra long bank holiday weekend!

In English we have been continuing our learning on the Great Kapok tree book based in the Amazon Rainforest. The children worked carefully to learn new vocabulary when labeling the plants and animals that feature throughout the text: ocelets, tapirs, tree frogs, jaguars, kapok trees and heliconias to name just a few. This new vocabulary will feed into our story writing over the coming weeks. 

Our topic learning took us into the layers of the rainforest this week. We have begun to show our understanding of the rainforest structure in our new classroom display. We also got the chance to investigate the climates of different rainforest and gave presentations as weather reporters to the rest of the class.

In science we continued to find out about what plants need to grow well. In groups we have set up experiments to observe plants in different conditions and see how their growth is affected. We thought carefully about our predictions and took key measurements, now we have to watch and wait.

" A fraction is an equal part of a whole." Has been said by many of us, many times throughout maths lessons this week. We have made brilliant progress with our accuracy when calculating fractions of amounts and comparing fractions. Next week we are beginning to use fractions in calculations with addition and subtraction.

Our learning took us to the local swimming pool again this week. For only our second lesson it was brilliant to see many children developing in confidence and technique already. Not even the safety drill practise with the loud horns fazed us and we are very much looking forward to our next lesson on Thursday. Although, the adults are hoping to make it to the pool side without setting off the shower sensors next week - we were a little wet!

Have a super bank holiday weekend! Have fun and stay safe!

Mrs Clarke laugh

The Year 3 summer term topic is: 

Roaming the Rainforest! 

Image result for rainforest

Throughout the term geography will be the main focus, as the children are transported into the heart of the rainforest. They will learn about where rainforests are located, the climate, plants and animals, the people and their way of life and the importance of conservation and sustainability.

Full details will be sent home in the termly flyer on Friday 26th April. 

Books being read as a class during the summer term:

Image result for the vanishing rainforest by richard platt

Image result for the great kapok tree

Image result for jungle book coverImage result for rainforest animals by paul hessRelated imageImage result for over in the jungle marianne berkes