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Green 2


                              WELCOME TO YEAR 3

                                          GREEN 2



Happy New Year to you all and Welcome back to school. 

This week has been a brilliant kick start to a new year and a new topic in Year 3,

The Street Beneath Our Feet.

In history we began by creating a whole class timeline of world history, to find out where the Stone Age fits in the chronology. We then began creating more detailed timelines of key events within the Stone Age period. To further our knowledge, our English this half term topic is based on the text The Stone Age boy. So far we have found out how a modern day boy has been transported back in time, after falling through a hole in the woods, finding himself in the very different times of the Stone Age. We looking forward to finding out more about his Stone Age adventure next week. In science we were investigating what really is beneath our feet by reading,


Image result for the street beneath my feet activities

We found out about the layers of the earth (crust, mantle, outer core and inner core). Next week we will go on to find out about the different types of rocks and how they are formed.

In maths, we revised the 3, 4 and  8 times tables, that we began to learn about before the holidays. We then moved on to begin applying our knowledge of 3, ,4 and 8 times tables to complete worded problems and problems with larger numbers. We aim to master these times tables over the next couple of weeks.

We welcomed Miss Dennis on Thursday who organised a high energy, high fun dodgeball tournament. We are looking forward to next Thursday to see what we will get to learn about and play next. Next week will also begin learning about stop frame animation ready to create our own animation in a few weeks time, once we have learned more about life in the Stone Age. 


If you'd like to know more about this term's topic, have a closer look at the Year 3 termly flyer which was sent  home on Friday and is also linked on main class page with the termly flyers for all year groups. 




Year 3 Art Gallery

The Year 3 topic this term is The Street Beneath Our Feet.

The year group termly flyer was sent home on Friday 11th January.