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Class 5

smileyfrown WELCOME TO CLASS 5 frownsmiley

Our class teacher is Miss Manson. Mrs Wright is our fabulous Teaching Assistant and she will be teaching our class some of the C.o.G lessons on a Tuesday afternoon along with Mr Honey. We will be learning English and Maths in the mornings, which will include phonics and handwriting. In the afternoons we will be doing a range of lessons and activities using our 'Rainbow Curriculum of Greasley'.

The topic we have chosen for the Summer term is
Roald Dahl


Summer 2 / Week 4 / 26th - 30th June 2017


MATHS We will be revising calculating fractions of amounts and moving on to compare fractions of amounts.

We will be learning more about book reviews and writing our own book reviews for books read in Year 2. These will be left in the book corner for the net Year 2 class to help them choose books they will enjoy reading.

GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION Homophones. We will be developing our spelling skills by learning more about common homophones such as which and witch, two, to and two, board and bored and there, their and they're.

Teamwork. What is teamwork? Team work challenges.

Question of the Week - Is teamwork important for successful learning?

PE We will continue to practise gymnastic balancing, jumping and climbing through a variety of equipment pieces, including a balance beam, bench, small vault and ladder.
SCIENCE We will be investigating the properties of materials.
HANDWRITING We are looking more closely at letter joins, when practising Year 2 spellings.



Summer 2 / Week 3 / 19th - 23rd June 2017

MATHS We have been developing our mental subtraction skills using number lines. We went on to solve worded number problems.

At the start of the week, finished off the booklets we were writing, all about Life in Year 2 for the current Year 1s. For the rest of the week we wrote instruction texts based on George's Marvellous Medicine.

GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION We have been practising using the -ing suffix.

Listening to others' ideas and responding positively to what they say. DIscussing strategies to use when other children upset us during play time.

PE We worked our way around various gymnastics apparatus; using balancing, jumping and climbing skills.
SCIENCE With Mr Honey we explored the school to investigate the materials used. With Miss Manson we developed our understanding of animal classifications. We used our knowledge of similarities to sort animals into mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish and insects.
HANDWRITING We continued practising our letter formation - ensuring that we form letters neatly so that others can read what we write.
MUSIC We had an afternoon of music. With Mr Honey with used body percussion to create sound effects to accompany Quentin Blake illustrations. With Mrs Wright we used untuned instruments to follow symbols.