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Class 4

Friday 9th March 2018


This week started with lots of excitement as we celebrated a belated World Book Day! The children all had fantastic costumes and had a great time pretending to be their favourite characters. I was Little Miss Chatterbox for the day along with the rest of the staff who dressed up as Mr Men characters including Mrs Bates as Little Miss Girl Boss!! We learnt all about the Author of our topic Paddington, Micheal Bond and the children enjoyed at the end of the day a Horrid Henry story from Mr Smith, whilst myself and Mrs Greaves read to class 1! 


It was lovely to see so many of you of parent' s evening this week. Across the two evenings it was lovely to hear about the children enjoying school and their learning, what more could we ask for?!  


There has been change of timetable in Class 4. 


Previously, I had the whole day out on Thursdays for planning time which was covered by Mrs Rumsby. Now, I am out of class Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon, this time will still be covered by Mrs Rumsby. On Thursday as a team, Mrs Rumsby and I spoke to all the children about the change of days and any concerns or questions they may have about how we are different. We also reassured the children that Mrs Rumsby and I work together to make sure we can make the classroom routine the same throughout the week. 


Next week is an exciting week with Science week and the chick eggs being delivered in their incubators Monday morning!!


Have a lovely weekend, see you Monday!


Miss Schofield







World Book Day will be happening this Monday 5th of March. 

Thank you, hope you’ve had a couple of lovely snow days with family! 


Friday 2nd February 2018


What a busy week! The children have been doing some amazing work writing fact files about Neil Armstrong, we have just been blown away with how much the children can remember! They have even taught us a thing two! 


In maths the children have been having a really good go at subtraction number sentences - they are so tricky but we are just about mastering them! 


We've also had lots of fun creating paper mache planets this week! Today we were asked by year 5 to show off our planets and tell them all about how we made them. Year 5 started theirs today but I bet they wont be as good as ours!


The children have a had a great time in choosing using our new water tray! this week they have been sorting the real and rubbish words! 


Naomi and Harlee were in Gold Book this week - well done we are very proud!


Have a fab weekend!



Friday 12th January 2018


Wow! what a week! It's been a fantastic first week back and it's been so lovely to see the children and hear all their stories about what they've been up to over the Christmas holidays.

The children have come back to school raring to go and eager to learn. I think getting back into our busy routine has definitely worn them (and me!) out! 

We've started our new topic this week which is Explorers and we're kicking it off with space explorers. The children have been using the laptops to research the different planets in space and have been doing detailed sketches of their favourite planet ready for a big paper mache project! 

In English, the children have been reading 'The sea of tranquility' and have being doing lots of beautiful writing.


I look forward to another busy week ahead, enjoy your weekend! 

Miss Schofield

Monday 8th January 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome back, I hope you are all well rested and enjoyed some fantastic time with family and friends!


Please see class 4's gallery page to see some photos from the last day of school! 


Friday 1st December 2017


Well... I can't quite believe it is December already, how time is flying by!! The children have all come in excited today telling me all about their advent calenders.. and naughty elves in their houses?!?! To really get the festivities going we had a very special guest visit the school today...Santa! He didn't stop to see us because he was so busy! But, he did leave his sleigh behind... Apparently he has so many toys in his workshop at the North Pole that he just doesn't have enough space for the sleigh so he has asked us to keep it safe! To say the children were excited is an understatement and they tip toed beautifully all the way down the corridor so we didn't scare the elves that were hiding! 




Have a lovely weekend, see you Monday!

Friday 24th November 2017


Well, we are truly underway with Christmas play rehearsals now and the children have been doing a fantastic job with their beautiful singing, we can't wait for you all to come and see it!


Last week the children had a fantastic time on spotty day! The fashion show was a real hit and Beatrice and Grace did a fantastic job of walking the catwalk for class 4!


This week the children have been learning all about 3D shapes and have had great fun exploring all the different 3D shapes we can find in our world! In English the children have been writing some fantastic sentences and have been learning big words like conjunction and clause!


I haven't been in school today as it has been a special day for me - my graduation! When I explained to the children where I would be today, one of the girl's in class 4 replied "it's like gold book for teachers!" - how lovely!!! Miss Brown and I both graduated together today with First Class Honours Degrees and have thoroughly enjoyed our "gold book" moment. Some of the children wanted to see a picture of me in my funny gown and hat.. please see below...


















Happy Friday!

Friday 10th November 2017


Another Friday... already! Time really does fly when you're having fun!


Well done to Noah and Scarlett who were in Gold Book today - you should be very proud!


This week we have been learning about one of the words in TEAM GB - 'equality' and the children had lots of ideas about what it meant to be equal. Here is a photo of us voting about what equality means. 



In choosing today we did lots of activities about Remembrance Day and the children had a go at making poppies! They also had a go at drawing some beautiful pictures of poppies in a field!





Have a great weekend, see you Monday!


Miss Schofield.

Friday 3rd November


What a fantastic first week back after the holidays! We've been very busy with parent's evening and I have loved being able to tell all the mummy's and daddy's how wonderful the children are. 


Today we've been chatting with class 3 all about bonfire night and how to keep safe. We've been doing some really fun choosing activities all about bonfire night and the children have made some lovely pictures with black paper and coloured chalk!


The children have been doing some fantastic writing this week. Traction Man visited our classroom over the holidays and left lots of clues for us to find! Today we wrote a letter to him asking lots of questions about the clues he had left.


Next week we have an exciting week with the school disco on Tuesday!


Have a great weekend, see you on Monday! 

Friday 13th October 


We've had a lovely week this week in Class 4. The children have been reading the story Captain Brainpower and have been writing sentences all about the Mighty Mean Machine crushing all the toys on the dump pile! The children have been applying their learning from previous spelling lists to write sentences including the suffixes -ed, -er and -ing. 


In maths this week the children have been using + to start writing number sentences using numicon pieces to help them. They have been doing some fantastic counting! 


In science the children have been doing a very special super mission! Super kid had an emergency- he got all wet on his recent mission in the rain! He needed the help of Year One to find a material he could make a new waterproof cape from! On Thursday the children investigated outside in the sunshine which materials were waterproof and which weren't! 


As as you may know, Mrs Henshaw has now taken her maternity leave and Class 4 will miss her so much on a Thursday! But we're very excited because as of Monday we will have a new teacher to teach Class 4 on a Thursday. Ms Rumsby will be around Monday morning to meet Year One and spend some time with us, and her first full day in Class 4 will be on Thursday - we look forward to learning with her! 


Have a great weekend, see you Monday 




Friday 29th September

It's been a fantastic week in class 4 this week and we've all been really super whizzy learners! 


In English we've been reading 'super pigs' and the children have absolutely loved the story! We've been doing lots of work sequencing the story, acting out the story with our super hero capes, creating freeze frames from the story and doing some fantastic writing! 


In Maths the children have been completely amazing me with their fantastic abilities to use the symbols for greater than (>) less than (<) and equals too! They have been comparing groups and then moved onto comparing numbers!


Today we ended the day with a fantastic treat whilst raising money for a great charity! The Macmillan event that Miss Busby and Miss Marvin put on for us all was a great success and the children enjoyed the chance to have a cake and a drink and play a game. 


We also had some raffle prize winners in our class! - People who weren't there I chose you a prize and you can collect it Monday! 


Have a great weekend!  

Friday 15th September


It's been another busy and fun week in class 4! Our first full week back at school has definitely tired us all out especially as we're doing such grown up year one jobs!


This week in Literacy we've been talking, writing and drawing about what makes us super after reading the story super kid! we've had some lovely sentences like 'I am super because I am caring.' 


In Maths we've been doing lots of super whizzy counting going all the way up to 20 and back! some of us have even tried to count to 100!


In the afternoons we've been doing some science, design and technology, PE and some time for choosing!! 


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and see you on Monday! 

Friday 8th September

Well what a busy but exciting week for all of us in class 4!! I have been so impressed with how the children have dealt with moving up from Reception! We have done a fantastic job of setting a good example to the new children in Reception now we are Year One's! 

We have spent quite a bit of time getting to know each other and our bran new environment - the reading garden has been a particular hit with all!

This week we have been focusing on a whole school story called 'the colour of home'. We've read parts of the story throughout the week and created some beautiful artwork which will be hanging on display in the corridor outside of our classroom. 

We have also been doing a little bit of phonics and maths and have been having lots of fun playing too. 

I'm very excited to get started next week and begin our superheroes topic!


See you on Monday!

Additional Information


  • Homework is set each Friday, to be returned by the following Thursday please. The weekly homework can be found at the bottom of the page. We hope you enjoy learning with your child .
  • In Year 1 ,the children have a spelling test which is based on the phonemes they have been learning in Phonics. A spelling list will be stuck in their spelling folder on a Friday. They will then be tested on the following Friday. Please could you help your children to practice.
  • Half termly, we will test your child on the 40 statutory National Curriculum words for Year 1 which are:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Saturday Sunday enjoy dolphin family
think sunk pocket unfair buzz
fetch live have rocks thanks
hunted jumped freshest tried brown
cried scared came football school
theme time woke rude tree
mouth shirt dear care food


  • Reading books will be changed weekly. This will allow your child to read their book more than once; this will help develop their fluency and comprehension skills.
  • Children will participate in 2 P.E sessions a week,Tuesday and Friday.Please can you ensure that your child has appropriate kit in school.
  • Our class email is: We would LOVE to hear what you have been up to out of school! Please feel free to send in pictures and share your adventures and achievements.
  • Tuck shop is on Wednesday if your child would like to purchase a snack