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Class 13

Welcome to Class 13's Funky & Fantastic Webpage!

Hey guys! cheeky


Week beginning Monday 15th May 2017

Welcome to our brand new, fabulous webpage! What do you think?! 


Year 6 are SATS CHAMPS!

Well, weren't you all just absolutely AMAZING last week?! Miss Marvin and I were SO incredibly proud of your enthusiasm, hard work and maturity last week during SATS week; you were a total force to be reckoned with, Year 6, and you well and truly smashed those tests! We couldn't have asked more of you guys - you did us and yourselves EXCEPTIONALLY PROUD.


We have our fabulous treat to look forward to this Friday 19th May; a totally ace end of SATS celebration! Friday afternoon is going to be BRILL! no

So... What have we been up to?

This week, we have been getting back to it with some incredible writing. We've been learning all about The Great Plague of London which struck in the year of 1665. Our writing will help complete our independent writing portfolio - a detailed information text to be proud of!


Graduation practice is now in full swing too... very exciting! Remember, if you have any photos of yourselves when you were little (particularly your first school photos!) please bring them in and pop them in the box in the computing suite, to be uploaded for the graduation slideshow.

Another super week in Year 6 (as always!)

Keep being awesome, you fantastic lot!

Stay cool!
Miss McKellar smiley

Summer Term Topic...

Our topic this term is... LONDON!

If you have any interesting photos, artefacts or books at home linking to our topic, please bring them in to share with the class! Also, please feel free to email our class email address with anything topic related. frown


Our class email:



Current reading material...
We are absolutely LOVING the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - lots of awesome inference in this story; it's pretty chilling and very exciting so far.


Hall of Fame!
Class 13's Awesome Achievements.

We're beaming with pride!
Don't forget to email photos of what you get up to out of school to gain your place in our Hall of Fame, you super talented lot!

Chloe - British Taekwondo Champ!
Chloe attended the British Taekwondo Championships in Crawley on the 22nd October. She entered 3 events, Patterns, Sparring, and Special Technique. She came away with a Gold in sparring, which makes her double British sparring champion as she won it last year! Also she won silver in special technique! 

What a superstar -we are so proud of you, Chloe!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Mo Farah in the Making - Diesel!

Well done to Diesel who ran the Robin Hood Mini Marathon in September! He even made it onto the front page of the newspaper!
Top job, mate!



'The Pommel King' - Leo!

Leo - Class 13's incredibly talented gymnast, emailed over a photo of himself this week from his training session at the weekend. He now trains with Sam Oldham daily who was a bronze medalist at London 2012 - how cool is that?! At the weekend, Dan Purvis who's also an Olympic medalist from 2012, came along to his gym and trained with Leo and Leo got to try on the Olympic medal.  Both Olympic medalists were super impressed with Leo and called him the 'Pommel King'! Amazing, Leo - we're so proud of your achievements! 




Other key bits of information...

Year 6 50 words.

Half termly, we will test your child on the 50 statutory National Curriculum words for Year 6; these words can be found in children's homework books.

accompany aggressive amateur apparent appreciate
average awkward bruise cemetery committee
conscience conscious controversy correspond desperate
determined disastrous environment exaggerate existence
foreign frequently guarantee hindrance interfere
interrupt leisure lightning mischievous necessary
nuisance occupy parliament prejudice privilege
programme pronunciation queue recommend relevant
rhythm sacrifice secretary sufficient suggest
system temperature thorough variety yacht

Guided spelling and spelling homework:

Children will be learning groups of words each week and practising them in different ways each day in English lessons (for example, through handwriting, writing the words in sentences, finding definitions in a thesaurus and using 'look, cover, write, check' to practise spelling the words).

Your child will have brought home a yellow folder; each week they have their spelling words to practise at home using 'look, cover, write, check', plus an extra spelling task to complete - this is to be handed in each Thursday along with other homework.

Year 6 staff.

Our teachers are Miss McKellar and Miss Marvin. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Amer, Mrs Bexon and Mr Smith.  We are also lucky to have Glenn for one of our PE sessions too!

PE sessions.

We have PE on the MUGA on Wednesdays and PE in the Hall on Fridays. Children should bring their PE into school at the start of the half term and leave it for the half term so their kit is always in school. 

Homework information.


Homework tasks and weekly spellings are set on a Friday and should be returned by the following Thursday. Spelling tests are written in homework diaries; spellings are also stuck in here and can be found in the yellow guided spelling folders too.

In addition to set homework, children should read regularly, with parents recording their reading once a week in their homework diaries. Children who are encouraged to read at home are five times more likely to overachieve in Reading at school than children who aren't.

Children should also be practising their basic Maths skills.

Times tables.

Children in Year 6 should be able to mentally add and subtract numbers up to 100 and should be fast and fluent with all times tables up to 12 X 12. We practice our times tables in school through our times table chants, 'rolling numbers'.

 Who wants to be a times table whizz? 

Across school, children will be taking part in 'Who wants to be a times table whizz?' This involves children choosing a times table that they aren't yet confident with (from those that they are expected to know in their current year group), then learning this times table in school and at home in order to earn awards! 

The times table awards are as follows: 

Bronze award: children are able to say the times table in steps (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10...)
Silver award: children are able to recite the times table from 1x to 12x (e.g. 1 x 2 is 2, 2 x 2 is 4, 3 x 2 is 6...)
Gold award: children can answer any multiplication or division fact linked to their times table (e.g. what is four lots of two? How many twos make twenty four?)

Children must achieve all three awards in their chosen times table before moving on to a new times table.