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Class 13

Welcome to Class 13's Funky & Fantastic Webpage!

Thank you to all of you who managed to come to our PGL meeting on Thursday 24th May, we hope you found it informative smiley


We are now on countdown, and are REALLY looking forward to it! I have recently received our provisional itinerary and will be sharing this with you soon. 


If you were unable to make the meeting, the Powerpoint below summarises all the key information we covered. Take a look, and if there's anything else you'd like to know, or any questions you have that remain unanswered, just pop and see one of us smiley


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Friday 18th may 2018

Image result for sats we did it meme


WHAT a week that was! Yes....the dreaded SATs are finally over and I'm sure you can probably hear the collective sound of relief coming from the Year 6 team here at Team GB! 


One thing I simply have to say is that I am extremely proud of each and every one of the children. They approached the SATs with great enthusiasm, determination and resilience and secretly...I think most of them actually enjoyed it! 


Results won't be in until early July time so, for now, we can forget about them safe in the knowledge that everybody has tried their best! 


We have been enjoying a well deserved rest today to celebrate the royal wedding this weekend. Check out the photos page to see pictures of us relaxing and having fun at the park and playing some typically British lawn games on the field today. 


Have a lovely weekend everybody. Enjoy the sunshine, relax and HAVE FUN - you really do deserve it smiley.

Monday 30th April 2018


So... what have we been up to?


We are now on the final countdown before our SATs tests, and have been revising - lots! We have worked exceptionally hard, revising key GPS terms, reading skills and maths problems, and both Miss Busby AND Miss Marvin have said all of Year 6 are ready to take their SATs now, never mind in 2 weeks! 

All we ask, Class 14, is that you remain cool as cucumbers - do that, and we know you'll smash it!


We've also saved the hilariously useful emoji powerpoints for you to have a look at if you wish! Hopefully they'll come in handy! (See the links below!)


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Monday 19th March



What an exciting week we have ahead of us!! It's Sports Relief week here at Team GB and we want

YOU to get involved! As you all know, your children have been busy making their very own workout videos and we want you to join in at home! 


Please click on the links below to be redirected to our Youtube page. There, you will find the videos of the HIIT workouts! 

Have a go at home (remember to repeat the exercises 3 or 4 times!) and please send us in some photos! Each workout is roughly 1,500 - 2,000 steps so please do let us know if you have a go (along with as many other friends and family members as you can!) so we can add it to our class total in the Race to Russia!!


Looking forward to hearing how you all get on smiley





Friday 9th March


Another incredibly busy week in the dream team that is Class 13! It was fab to see so many of you at parent's evening - a pleasure to catch up with you all as always smiley


I hope you all got a sense of just how hard your children are working at the moment - SATs preparation is most definitely in full swing! Your children have smashed their way through arithmetic tests, reading tests and the dreaded 50 word spellings this week and there were lots of happy faces around when the children received results smiley


Looking forward to seeing a few of you at our afternoon parent's event next Thursday - we will be doing some light-inspired art in theme with our current Science topic so bring your very best creative minds with you!


Friday 26th January


Wow, what a start to 2018 we have had! We have been working so incredibly hard and I honestly couldn’t have asked anymore of the children so far! We are throwing ourselves into SATs prep with real gusto now and Year 6 is buzzing with determination and hard work. Thank you to all of those that attended the after school boosters too. The children worked so hard in these sessions and (dare I say) even enjoyed them! I think the biscuits and juice helped a lot smiley


We are continuing our work on our new class book: The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I have honestly never enjoyed teaching a book as much as this one. If you get chance to have a look at it at home then I would highly recommend it. The whole of Class 13 (including myself!) are absolutely enthralled!





Friday 13th October 

Well, we've just arrived back from our first proper visit to Hall Park and I just want to say how proud I am of all of your children! They were super confident in all lessons, asked questions and represented you (and us!) brilliantly! 


In In English, we have concentrated on descriptive writing. We imagined what it would be like to leave England on an aeroplane and and described England from the sky! We then compared it to what it would be like to see Nigeria from above. The children really did put a lot of thought into their writing - I was so pleased with what they came up with smiley



In maths this week, we have learnt how to use short multiplication. I was so pleased with how quickly the children picked it up - hope this comes across when they are completing thwie homework this week!  


One more week Class 13, stay coosurprise


Friday 29th September



What a week we have had! We have spent the whole week frantically getting ready for our Macmillan afternoon today! And what a success it was! To everybody who donated money/cakes/raffle prizes/time, the following message is for you:


Image result for thank you meme


Honestly was such a great team effort and was one of my proudest days in teaching so far! I can't thank you all enough and you should all be so so proud of your children - they've seriously blown me away this week! 

Keep an eye out on Parentmail to see our final total - I can tell you know though it is seriously good smiley.


Friday 22nd September


Check out the Goldbook Superstars section to find out who made it into our first Goldbook of the year!


I am so proud of how hard the whole of the Class 13 dream team have worked this week! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, you deserve it this week! 


You are all smashing Year 6 at the moment and giving 100% in all lessons, like you all did every day last year....I would expect nothing less! 


In English, we have really got stuck into our new class book, The Other Side of Truth. We have had some fantastic discussions and I know we are all completely gripped already! I look forward to reading some of your persuasive writing over the following week! 

Image result for the other side of truth


You've been working equally hard in maths this week and are now all super confident when dealing with numbers with three decimal places no


As you all know, Year 6 are holding a Coffee Afternoon for Macmillan Cancer Support on Friday. I cannot thank you all enough for the support you have given us so far, we are so excited for what should be a fabulous afternoon! So get baking if you can and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next Friday crying


Image result for macmillan coffee morning


Monday 4th September



I hope you have all had a wonderful, fun-filled and safe summer. I'm so excited to see you all back at the dream factory. This sums up the current mood perfectly:


Image result for lets do this meme


Our topic for the Autumn Term is...


We will focus our topic around the book The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo. It tells the story of 12 year-old Sade and her brother Femi, who flee to Britain from Nigeria. Seen through the eyes of Sade, the novel explores what it means to be classified as 'illegal' and the difficulties which come with being a refugee. We will be using this to write in a variety of text types, which will include examples of persuasive and non-fiction writing. We will also be looking at the landscape of Africa, and will be discussing and comparing the geographical similarities and differences between African countries and the UK.


Image result for the other side of truth


If you have anything you would like to bring in or share with the class about our Africa topic, please feel free to do so!



Staying in touch...

Please feel free to contact us on our class email address.
This is a great opportunity to share information, pictures and videos of things you may be doing outside of school, and will be a great talking point in class!

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