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Class 12

Welcome to Class 12's 2017/18 webpage

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Friday 20th July


We have had another busy week in class. This week we have watched Goodnight Mister Tom, completed some fantastic French art, done our final maths assessments, watched Year 6's leaver's assembly and finished off our science lessons. We have also done 3 lessons of SRE; in these the children have been learning about puberty in more detail as well as the reproductive organs. 


I can't believe we only have 3 days left of Year 5 before you move on to be the oldest children in the school! On Tuesday afternoon, we are going to have a birthday/leaving tea party on the field. It is Mrs McK-Sav's birthday so we thought it would be a nice idea to combine it with our final Year 5 celebrations. The children are coming home knowing what item of food that they have volunteered to bring in; we would be really grateful if you could send this with them on Tuesday.


If you could also send your child in with a carrier bag next week that would be great. We can then start sending home their books and display work. 


Have a great weekend,

Miss Thompson  

Friday 13th July


Unfortunately, I cannot access the class email. We are working on getting this fixed ASAP. If you have emailed me and not received a response, please let me know. You can always email the office and they will forward your emails on to me. 


We have had such an exciting week in school. It has been a really fun Aspirations Week where we were lucky enough to have visitors come in to see us and tell us all about their jobs. On Monday, we were visited by a lady from Hall Park; she used to be a marine biologist and is now a science teacher. She told us all about the heart and we watched her dissect one! On Tuesday, the children learnt Martial Arts with Mr Smith and German with Mrs Padley. On Thursday, we had a visit from Tom who works at Derby Theatre. We learnt all some new drama games and we had the chance to ask him lots of questions about working in a theatre. This afternoon, the children were sorted into mixed year group classes and they filled in their activity booklets for the week. 


On Wednesday, we had our second visit to Hall Park. Mr Reed spent the morning teaching the children some typical Year 7 sport lessons. In the afternoon, we had the chance to take part in a geography and an engineering lesson. Thank you to those of you that helped us walk the children there and back.  


Have a great weekend, 

Miss Thompson

Friday 6th July


I can't quite believe that we only have two and a bit weeks left of this year before you move up to Year 6! We have had a lovely week and we all loved our trip to The National Holocaust Centre, which I have written about below. On Monday, we spent some time learning about the active and passive voice and all the children were confidently able to change sentences into either. In maths, we have been thinking about problems that have involved different units of time (the homework is based on this) and measurement. 


On Thursday, the children had an exciting day with Miss Marvin in their new classroom (Class 14) experiencing what life will be like as a Year 6. They are all now very excited for September. 


Next week is Aspirations Week and there are lots of exciting things planned for Year 5 including a visit from some people who work at The Derby Theatre.  


Have another great, sunny weekend!

Miss Thompson

The National Holocaust Centre and Musuem


WOW! We had such an amazing time on our trip today. We learnt so many things and got to experience what life was like as a German-Jewish child in 1938. There were lots of things to try on, touch and experience as we walked through each room of The Journey exhibition, which followed the story of a 10 year old boy called Leo. We even got to experience a replica of a secret hiding place in a shop where a Jewish family would have hidden from the Nazis. The children all agreed that it would have been an extremely terrifying experience. 

After lunch, we were extremely fortunate to be able to hear from Bernard aged 95, who was 15 years old when he was lucky enough to get on the Kindertransport and flee to England. We heard all about his story and how he eventually came to settle in Derbyshire.

Friday 29th June


A short week for me in class as I was in PGL with the Year 6s, but I hear from Mrs Mck-Sav that you have been superstars. Everyone that took part in Bikeability passed and received their certificate and a badge in assembly - well done guys!


We had lots of fun creating board games this week based on Goodnight Mister Tom. There were some really imaginative ideas and I was so impressed with them all. You all had great fun playing each other's games too!


Enjoy the lovely weather over the weekend,

Miss Thompson



Friday 22nd June


Don't forget to bring your bikes in on Monday for Bikeability! 


The children have all been super busy this week perfecting their narrative piece of writing based on Goodnight Mister Tom. There were some fantastic predictions for the next two chapters 'The Search' and 'Rescue'. In maths, we have been working on measurement all week and most of the children are now confidently able to convert between different units of measurement. We learnt the meaning of kilo, cent and milli to help us remember the conversions. In topic, we begun to discuss The Holocaust in preparation for our visit to The Holocaust Centre and Museum on 3rd July. The children have started to write a report all about The Holocaust and who it affected. In science, we did another experiment, this time we were measuring the rate at which a material dissolved. 


On Sunday, I am going to PGL with the Year 6s. I won't be back until the end of the school day on Wednesday. On Monday and Tuesday, when you aren't taking part in Bikeability, Mrs Mck-Sav will be teaching you. 


Have a fantastic weekend guys; see you all on Wednesday!

Miss Thompson

Friday 15th June


This week has flown by! In English, we have begun planning a narrative piece of writing. The children are using their own imagination to think about what could happen next in Goodnight Mister Tom. In maths, we have moved onto measurement and begun by converting between grams and kilograms, and metres and kilometres. In our topic lesson this week, we started to look at key events and dates during WWII and put them on a timeline. We were lucky enough to get the chance to play some cricket this week with Neil from Eastwood Town Cricket Club. The children really enjoyed it and if you would like anymore details about the clubs that he runs, I have his contact details. 


On Thursday afternoon, it was lovely to welcome so many Grandparents into the classroom. The children really enjoyed creating their rainbow art initial. 


Have a great weekend,

Miss Thompson



Friday 8th June


A short, but busy first week back and the start of the final few weeks as Year 5!


Take a look at these OUTSTANDING pieces of poetry from Elise that she completed in her own time at home. 




We have completed an independent piece of writing; a narrative recount of part of the first chapter from Goodnight Mister Tom. In maths, we revised our angles knowledge and found out how to find angles inside quadrilaterals. Unfortunately, sports day had to be cancelled because of the weather; fingers crossed for a better day on the reserve day!


Have a great weekend,

Miss Thompson



Friday 25th May


Have a fantastic half term break guys! You have absolutely smashed your last week. The writing you have produced this week has been outstanding!! We have had great fun this week making rationed war biscuits, painting Blitz art work and practicing for Sports Day.


I'll see you back ready for your final few weeks as Year 5s on Wednesday 06th June.


Miss Thompson 

Friday 18th May


This week we have been in and out of our classroom like yoyos because of Y6 SATs, but the children have been so well behaved despite the change. 


In English, we read the 'Birthday Boy' chapter and prepared to write a narrative recount of the chapter next week. We have finished our work on decimals this week and moved on to angles. We started by identifying the different types of angles: right angle, acute, obtuse, reflex, straight line and a full turn. In our topic lesson we looked at the role of women during WWII and many of the girls (and boys!) in the class weren't impressed at not being able to work before the war began and then when they did get the chance to work, they weren't paid the same. In science, we have started our next topic, properties of materials and the children conducted an experiment into whether or not materials were hard, permeable, transparent, flexible or magnetic.


Have a great weekend, 

Miss Thompson

Friday 11th May


Another super week of learning in class 12 despite the short four day week. 


In English, we have been focusing on reading objectives for the majority of the week all based on the chapter, School in Goodnight Mister Tom. Today, you all wrote fantastic poems with emotive and figurative language about the Normandy landing. Decimals has still been our focus this week and you have all been smashing each and every objective! In topic, we wrote letters from an evacuee's point of view and in art we have started to plan some amazing Blitz skylines. 

Next Friday is a celebration day for the Royal Wedding - we have lots of fun activities planned and you can come into school wearing your own clothes, in redwhite and blue!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Thompson

Friday 04th May


In English, this week our writing has been a balanced argument. To prepare for this, on Monday we planned a debate and on Tuesday we debated "Evacuation, why not everyone?". A special mention to Millie M and Leo who very fairly and sensibly debated their points. In maths, our focus has still been on decimals. We have been using column addition and a number line to add within and across a whole. Next week, we are moving on to subtraction. We have had three super topic lessons this week all about rationing in WWII. The children made a weekly planner of their own food and then we looked at wartime recipes before making a collaged plate of wartime food. In P.E., we have begun cricket and started by practising throwing, catching and batting skills.


Have a great bank holiday weekend!

Miss Thompson 

Friday 27th April


Another jam-packed week in class 12!

In English, we have written a newspaper article about the evacuation of children from major cities during WWII. The children have been working hard to ensure they included direct quotes that were correctly punctuated. In maths, our fractions and decimals work continued with the introduction of percentages too. All of the children are confident at converting between equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages! In topic, the children created some lovely posters explaining their understanding of WWII (including The Blitz). We finished our 'Fantastic Forces' topic in science this week. Next week, we will be moving on to 'Properties and Changes of Materials'. 


Have a great weekend,

Miss Thompson

Friday 20th April


We have had a super first week back in class 12. It has been lovely to see so many happy, smiling faces. It has been lovely to be able to get outside and make the most of this weather! 


We are gripped with our new class text 'Goodnight Mister Tom'! This week, we have written a diary entry as Willie Beech on his first full day with Tom. In topic, we begun to discuss WWII and the events that led up to it. Understandably, the children had lots of questions and stories to share of their own family members who had been involved. Some INCREDIBLE learning has been happening this week in our maths lessons. We have flown through the decimal objectives and you are all Mega Maths Masters! 


Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Thompson 

Summer Term Topic


In the Summer term, our topic is World War II - our text is Goodnight, Mister Tom. One of my favourite ever books - I know you're going to love it!



Home-school diaries:


Teachers and parents can communicate about homework and reading via the diary. Children have a responsibility to let the teacher know when they have a message to respond to. Diaries should be in school daily.


Reading books:


Children are allocated a book band based on their reading attainment. Children are encouraged to choose their own reading book from the allocated level. Children are able to change their book once it is indicated in the home school diary that the book has been read at home. Children are sometimes encouraged to reread books to support their reading fluency and comprehension. Reading of additional materials from school or home is actively encouraged.


Homework and spellings:


Homework is sent weekly in the child’s homework book.

Homework details can also be found each week in our Homework section of this webpage.

Date set: Friday     Date due in by: Following Thursday


Weekly pieces sent:

One piece of English, including spellings, which will be in the form of a spelling practice sheet in the spelling homework folder, and one piece of maths.



Weekly amount: 10 words set, linked to in class learning or key spelling list.

Date set: Each Friday

How sent home: In spelling homework folder (on spelling homework sheet)

Date tested: Each Friday

Result communicated: Via homework diary (test completed in the diary)


Times tables:


End of Year Expectation: All multiplication tables to 12x.

Bronze award: Skip count multiplication table in order.

Silver award: Recall multiplication table in order.

Gold award: Answer multiplication table questions in any order.

Children to inform teacher when ready to be tested for an award.




PE will be: Wednesdays and Thursdays.

PE kits should be in school from the first day of term. PE kits remain in school until the last day of term, when they are sent home for washing.

No jewellery is allowed, earrings must be removed at home, if not able to be removed by the child. Earrings will not be removed by school staff and cannot be covered.