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Class 12

Welcome to Class 12's Wonderfully Wacky Webpage!

Although the end of the school year draws closer and closer, we're still 'squirrelling' away at our work!!


Our maths work has been a large focus this week, with many children demonstrating an extremely secure understanding of key shape related terminology.

Try testing them out on the difference between the following:

  • polygon vs shape
  • regular vs irregular
  • parallel vs perpendicular
  • right angle vs obtuse angle vs acute angle

We've also learnt a lot of new quadrilateral names and started to defeat that pesky seven sided heptagon (although many forget this one instantly for some reason!).


Our work around World War II has seen us delve deeper into the key events and turning points of the war, with an interesting debate about which events were the most important in the course of the whole war from start to finish - very fascinating ideas from the class on this!


Enjoy your weekend everyone! :)

Mr L


This week has been another very impressive week, mainly down to the incredible enthusiasm and engagement the class have shown towards the world war poetry unit we are currently learning about. The ideas and vocabulary used so far has been incredible, but the some of the deep, metaphors, similes and personification has really blown my mind! Absolutely incredible precision and care has been shown to all word choices and we will see the benefits of this next week when we write them up, illustrate them and then perform them from memory!!


In Maths, we have been learning about the properties of triangles and we definitely have some triangleologists among us (made-up word alert)! We learnt how to use the properties of interior angles to find out missing angles and we were even confident enough to use the facts about different types triangles to help us with even harder missing angle questions!


A super week - keep up the hard work everyone! :)


This week has been a bit random, but super fun I'm sure you'd agree!


We kicked off the week talking about British values and honed in what teamwork is all about with some heavily team orientated activities.


Then we became politics experts learning about the election and even producing a powerpoint about what would be on our manifestos if we were running in the election ourselves! (I think the magical money trees where we all get our money from would be empty after all the spending plans you guys would make if you made it into power!!) 


Finally, we had an extremely fun history day with a super performance of Robin Hood by the Hobgoblin Theatre being the shining highlight - they were absolutely brilliant and most children rated them a 9 or 10 out of 10 for enjoyment!!


As promised I'got the completed display pictures attached below as I know you don't get to see any of it much anymore with us being upstairs...


Enjoy your weekend!!

Picture 1
Picture 2

As promised last week, I have uploaded our Blitz artwork. I absolutely love them and think that the whole class did amazingly well to create such beautifully blended, fiery backgrounds with the striking contrasts of the silhouettes for impact. Very impressed indeed!


We have also finished our World War II Dogfight stories this week, which look equally as impressive evidencing how much our computing skills have come along in Year 5 - we found this type of word processing very difficult in the past!! I gave the class a lot more freedom in the story plot and then the presentation of this piece of work in comparison to the recent horror stories, which can be a dangerous thing to do, but my faith was more than just repaid. The stories look and read extremely well and I'll be getting a picture of them up on display ASAP.


Enjoy your holidays and be sure to keep safe, have fun and relax!!

Our London Blitz Artwork

Our London Blitz Artwork 1 We made some striking high contrast drawings!

Oooooooooooooh! We're back and with a very slick and shiny version of the website! I'm sure you'll agree that it looks fantastic!! nonono


Since we've last updated you all, we've managed to finish off our maths block on fractions, decimals and percentages and have just made a start this week on angles. We've been estimating, measuring, classifying and investigating different types of angles and we all rather enjoyed a good bit of protractor work!!


In English, we're ready to edit and put the finishing touches to our action packed 'Dogfight' stories set during the Battle of Britain in World War II. I have been really impressed with the variety of sentence structures and factual language used that has really given the stories a realistic and detailed style that makes them so believable! 


This week, alongside some very interesting work on the lives of women before, during and after World War II, we've created some stunning artwork based around the Blitz. When it's all backed and fully complete, I'll be sure to share the end product of our display on the website! 


See you next week! surprise

After some technical difficulties with the webpage not letting me add any writing (a key component of a web blog I'm sure you'll agree), we're back online!!

As smiley as the chaps above are, of course it hasn't always been so amicable between our two countries. This week we've learnt loads about early World War II and some key events that led to it happening in the first place. We've looked into who was on who's side and the development of axis control over the course of the war, with the eventual recover and victory of the allies.

In English, we're starting to write a Battle of Britain based story about a pilot in the RAF fighting against the Luftwaffe which will be action packed and centred around strong character development/description.

We're soon finishing our work on decimals in Maths. We'll be on to percentages shortly and that will wrap up the unit ready for our big test of what we've learnt on fractions, decimals and percentages!

Pop back for more updates next week!
As much as we've become absolute masters of fractions lately in maths, I have been so so impressed with the effort and thought that has gone into our short but action packed horror stories this week. The variety in sentence structure, sentence length and the level of detail that everyone has displayed, has been outstanding and completely worthy of being published in our upcoming 'SHORT with a side of scares' book. Next week we will refine and edit them before typing them up and adding illustrations, ready to be go on sale!

We are looking forward to sharing our wonderful stories with the world!

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh! (in a ghostly voice, of course)

We have had a super week enjoying and analysing some short horror stories! The enthusiasm and ideas have already been outstanding and we are looking more and more ready to write our own in the next few weeks. We will be practising some writing techniques to help us create both cohesion and tension, then planning and writing an action packed horror story of our own!

In maths we've continued to develop our strong fractions understanding with some multiplication of whole numbers by fractions! (It's easier than you'd think...)

We also had an amazing World Book Day in which we had loads of fun and became David Walliams experts - although many of us already were!!

Until next week...


During History Week we have been building on the knowledge of last History Week by looking into the impact that the Vikings had on the Anglo-Saxon life that were already familiar with.

Throughout the week, we have learnt a variety of things about the Vikings and their lifestyles, but, of course, with the vicious Vikings we had to focus on the violence!! We learnt about, and reenacted raids, and wrote reports about them from a perspective of a monk living at Lindisfarne monastery. Those poor monks were 'sitting ducks' (easy targets!!)...

The most fun Viking activity, however, must go to the brilliantly designed 'Viking Quest' game on the BBC website in which we learnt about some of the decisions the Vikings would have made when preparing for and going on raids across the stormy seas. It was super fun!!

Maths - a personal favourite of mine anyway - has also been great fun as we've enjoyed achieving and overcoming some tough fraction-based objectives involving mixed and improper fractions, plus adding/subtracting fractions with different denominators which we revisited as we found it tough before half term!

Anyway - relax and enjoy your weekend!

Mr L

Thank you! This half term has been a bit harder than normal due to there being a bit less consistency than I'd have liked - I blame the baby again stealing me away for 2 weeks. (Isn't she selfish!?) So thank you all for your hard work and persistence right to the very last day...

You'll be happy to know (hopefully) that next term its going to be me, Mr Leyshon and myself (basically just ME) back in class nearly every day of the week as normal so we can really have some fun and get back into what will continue to be a fantastic and interesting topic - The Amazing Americas!

Enjoy your break from school. Relax and have fun with family and friends to recharge your batteries ready for next half term!!


Miss Morwood has asked me to pass on the follow message since she has officially finished the teaching element of her placement here, yet we will see her again on Tuesday!

"As my time at school draws to a close I wanted to take this opportunity to say a humongous thank you to Class 12 for warmly welcoming me into their classroom and being fantastic pupils every day. Thank you for all your hard work over the past 10 weeks, I honestly couldn’t have asked for a nicer class to be with. I’ve learnt so much from you and I hope that you’ve learn lots from me too (especially this week with those pesky fractions!) Keep up all your hard work Class 12, you are fantastic!"

I know she's loved teaching you all and you've even made her want to teach in KS2 rather than KS1 when she starts to look for a job!! Good job guys and a massive thanks and good luck to Miss Morwood!!

Sorry it's been a while since the last update! I've been on my paternity leave looking after my little girl who was born happy and healthy on December 30th!

I know the children have had a few teachers in this time, but our Student Teacher, Miss Morwood, has been fab and the whole class have really enjoyed their time with her! Speaking of which, her time with our class will be coming to an end very soon with her last full week being next week.

Our main focuses of the past week or so in English have been towards the use of speech and dialogue with the aim of using and applying this in our story writing soon. In Maths we have just started a large unit of work that will take us through fractions first and then into decimals and percentages over the next month or so.

And, in other much more important news that a lot of you will know about, James Hemstock brought to my attention the great cause for which he's helping to raise money.
Visit for more information and hopefully you can chip in as every little helps to reach that vital goal!

Thanks :)


After some truly stunning and extremely memorable performances in our Light Concert this year, there should be a lot of proud parents and proud children!! They really were outstanding and I know the performances have been well received by the comments many of you have made.

We're beginning our mental descent into Christmas mode heading into next week but have a lot to look forward to in the two days remaining! On Monday we have a Celebration Day with a focus on Christmas decorations and then Tuesday is our Christmas Party Day!! Exciting times... Children will be allowed to bring in board games but need to avoid electronics and will also be given a type of food to bring in for a small snack during the party.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your family time over the holidays.


Thanks for another super week again, everyone! I know it's been a bit 'all over the place' with rehearsals for our concert, end of term assessments and, of course, our trip to the authentic and wonderfully atmospheric Savoy Cinema.

The trip was great fun and it was lovely to see a more original styled cinema in action after doing lots of work on the history of movies and cinema earlier in the term. Unfortunately, due traffic issues getting into the city centre in the morning, we had less time in the cinema than desired after the movie finished, so the planned presentation on the history of the Savoy Cinema wasn't delivered. We are setting some time aside to make sure we go through it all to round off our trip as intended!

We've done some terrific independent writing this morning based around our focus movie from the cinema visit, 'The Polar Express'. We're really mastering the skills needed to successfully write a recount and developing a great awareness of how fronted adverbials connect ideas and help our writing to flow effectively.

Next week will again be a bit messy with a few more tests (Spelling and Science) and concert performances making our timetable a bit wobbly, but I'm sure we'll have fun all the same!

Hey everyone! We've been busy bunnies this week! Our hard work has reeeeeally paid off though!

In English, we've had a small grammar focus on modal verbs but mainly been using a variety of persuasive techniques (AFOREST - Can you remember them all!?) to persuade the Academy of Motion Pictures why our chosen movie deserves more recognition and awards! Miss Morwood taught this unit and was mightily impressed with your fantastic purpose and use of persuasive techniques!

Maths has been a challenge this week with a focus on multiplying 3 digit by 2 digit numbers using the column method! We really cracked it by the end and were using is comfortably in different contexts.

In the afternoons we've been rehearsing for the light concert and done some very exciting Science experiments relating to air resistance (spoiler alert - we made parachutes!!) that you will see more of when the '2BuildaProfile' reports are sent out. If you aren't aware of what this is, see me for more information so I can set up the email address to receive the report!

Have a nice weekend...

I'd like to start this week by officially welcoming Miss Morwood to anyone that hasn't yet met her or seen her around school so far. She will be working as a PGCE Trainee Teacher with our class for the next few months and has already gotten herself right in the mix with a fun lesson on square and cube numbers and even more great lessons 'in the pipeline' for next week and beyond!

Maths has been largely focused on that aspect of square numbers and we've also discussed the inverse of this being square roots of numbers. Prime and composite numbers have also been covered and all children seem to have a secure understanding of this already! Why not test out their explanation and reasoning skills by seeing if they can explain these concepts clearly to you at home!

Our English work has been based around remembrance day with some figurative language based poetry to express some rather hard to express thoughts about remembering those who gave their lives for us in the First World War.

In the afternoons, we have fast tracked to our next unit of Science, Forces. We had planned to do our mechanical movie posters and ICT based movie making projects but think that they'll be more plausible to complete around the tricky Christmas period than our Science unit!!

Mr L :)

Aside from a busy Parents' Evening (sorry again for the delays!!) and really fun week full of factors and multiples in our first week back together as a full class for Maths, we have had a super History Week in which we've learnt all about the the amazing Anglo-Saxons.

We've learnt all about:
- How the Angles and the Saxons invaded Britain after the Romans left
- How many of the settlements and kingdoms names from the Anglo-Saxons are still used today in our towns and cities
-How they lived their lives in their villages
-About how Anglo-Saxon artefacts can tell us about their cultures
-About the Anglo-Saxon Gods and their powers

It's been very interesting to teach and hopefully as interesting to learn about for all of you!!

Mr L :)

Another great week in Class 12! We've been continuing our focus on descriptive writing by further enhancing our understanding and use of expanded noun phrases to describe some quite wacky animated characters! In maths, the focus has been largely based on calculations and understanding of numbers - which is developing very well indeed!

The star of the show this week, however, has to go to our chromatography based CSI investigation around a fictional fairy tale crime! We used water to separate the inks from a variety of pens and analysed the results to try and determine who, from our fictional line up including the likes of Bo Beep and Little Red Riding Hood, was sending threatening letters to poor Humpty Dumpty! It was great fun and very interesting for us all!!

Until next week!
Mr Leyshon :)

I can honestly say we have really worked hard and tested ourselves this week! It perhaps wasn't the most exciting week we've ever had, but we have produced some fantastic work on our play scripts and applied our new AFOREST technique to write some verrrrry persuasive adverts on why 1950s people should stop watching TV and get themselves back to the cinema again! Alongside these, we produced some posters that had the same job, to persuade people to come back to the joys of the cinema!

Maths has seen us focus on decimal numbers and how we can trick our numbers system into an easy way of X10/100 and dividing by 10/100!

The mechanical posters we are going to make have had to be pushed back so we can get our first Science unit started but they will be done soon (I know the kids are really looking forward to these!)...

Mr L

We certainly picked a super topic to kick off this year - I'm really enjoying teaching it, and you all, again this year.

After producing some scintillating instructions on how to create a silent movie, we moved on to another familiar, although much more challenging, text type from last year, play scripts. We had a unique challenge this week, in which we had to add the dialogue in the form of a play script to a traditional silent movie, The Kid starring the legendary Charlie Chaplin. We have shown some great improvements across our textual feature accuracy but also tapped in to the informal nature of the film through the dialogue choices - which is very impressive!!

Yet again, I just ask for more of the same great attitude next week!

Mr L

WOW!!!!!! I'm so so so impressed with the start everyone has made to this year. I have no doubt that we are going to have an unforgettable year!!

Movie Magic is fully underway and we're already masters of 'Movie History' after our work on it's origins and the timeline of historical movie related events. We're going to have a detailed focus into movie posters and even make our own mechanical movie posters soon!! Whilst on the subject, if you have any cardboard, please feel free to bring it in as it'll be very useful for our DT project.

I just want more of the same next week...
Well done everyone!

First week back now complete, we've certainly got the 'wheels back on the track' and ready to get zooming in the right direction this Monday.

?After a great week packed with lots fun and useful bits and bobs to prepare us for the year ahead, we're back on full timetable with Spelling, English and Maths in the morning, and ready to get our teeth into our new topic in the afternoon.

?In case you missed it below, PE will be on Monday and Tuesday this year.

?That's all for now, but I'm sure there'll be lots more to share this time next week!

We've got a fantastic term to kick us off... 'Movie Magic'!! Which I'm sure will be sooooo much fun (we'll make sure it is!) and very interesting to learn about.

?I've also spent a great deal of time (and money if you must know!) revamping and redesigning our class reward chart, 'Golden Point mean Prizes'. If I do say so myself, its awesome! Those of you who are able and willing to earn those Golden Points will be absolutely spoilt for choice on what to spend them on.

?I'm loving our new classroom already and I know your looking forward to being... UPSTAIRS this year! Wahoooooo!

?Anyway, enough rambling for now, I need to save lots of rambling for you guys throughout the year!

?Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuuuuuuesday!!

P.S. For good luck here's a few more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
?Plus - I'm not sure why, but question marks keep invading the page wherever they feel like it - SORRY!

Additional information
Our teacher is Mr Leyshon and the Teaching Assistant for our year groups is Mrs Bradley. We are also lucky to have Glenn for one of our PE sessions!

PE times will be on Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon but children should bring their PE into school at the start of the half term and leave it for the half term so their kit is always in school or bring it in Monday morning and take it at the end of the week if it needs a wash!

Our class email address is: (try to give me a nudge if you send anything to this as it's not a main email address that I use and thus isn't checked really often!).

Homework tasks are set on a Friday and should be returned by the following Thursday unless otherwise stated.

In addition to set homework, children should read regularly and practice their basic Maths skills. Children in Year 5 should be able to mentally add and subtract numbers up to 100 and should be fast and fluent with all times tables up to 12 X 12.

As well as this, children who are encouraged to read at home are five times more likely to overachieve in Reading at school than children who aren't - plus there will be great rewards for those who put in the extra hours at home this year!!

Guided Spelling

Each child has a spelling 'homework' folder to be completed and returned on whichever day the children have their test on. This pack supports the children's folder that they have in school; everyday they will be carrying out a different spelling task that will help the children not only learn their spellings, but what they mean and how to use them. The spelling tests are as follows:
Monday - Red Group
Tuesday - Orange Group
Wednesday - Yellow Group
Thursday - Green Group
Friday - Blue Group

accommodate according achieve ancient attached
available bargain category communicate community
competition convenience curiosity criticise definite
develop dictionary embarrass equipped especially
excellent explanation familiar forty government
harass identity immediately individual language
marvellous muscle neighbour occur opportunity
persuade physical profession recognise restaurant
rhyme shoulder signature sincerely soldier
stomach symbol twelfth vegetable vehicle

Times tables - Who wants to be a times table whizz?

Across school, children will be taking part in 'Who wants to be a times table whizz?'
This involves children choosing a times table that they aren't yet confident with (from those that they are expected to know in their current year group), then learning this times table in school and at home in order to earn awards!

The times table awards are as follows:
Bronze award: children are able to say the times table in steps (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10...)
Silver award: children are able to recite the times table from 1x to 12x (e.g. 1 x 2 is 2, 2 x 2 is 4, 3 x 2 is 6...)
Gold award: children can answer any multiplication or division fact linked to their times table (e.g. what is four lots of two? How many twos make twenty four?)

Children must achieve all three awards in their chosen times table before moving on to a new times table.


Have you seen the Kids' Zone?

Play learning games and visit some intriguing websites. You can even vote for your favourites so we'll know what you like!