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Class 11

Well done to all for a busy first week back.

We are really getting stuck into our new topic The Stone Age and in English, we have been reading Stone Age boy. We have been improving our sentences using subordinating conjunctions.

In Maths, we have been doing multiplication by repeatedly adding. We are also having a big push on times tables.

In Science, the children carried out an exciting Forces Investigation outside.

In RE, the children wrote a Creation Story.

We have started our new project: to build a waterproof shelter, to fit five people, crouching! The children have written a letter in their homework books about what to collect, please don't go and buy anything!

In PE we are doing Football and Dance, there will be some information coming over the next few weeks about Swimming, this will be every Tuesday after half term.

Bonne weekend everyone, Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson.


Happy New Year everyone, we hope you have had a restful holiday and a lovely Christmas.


Our new topic is the Stone Age and the teachers are very excited! During Thursday and Friday afternoons this half term, we will be doing some really exciting Project work which will also be very practical.

This first week, you will plan and design, in groups, your own Waterproof shelter and we will be testing it out the following week. As a bit of advanced warning, we will need you to start collecting items to build it with, please don't go and buy anything, try and think about what recyclable things you have left over from Christmas, remember it also needs to be waterproof too. Happy hunting.

The timetable will be slightly different too, with an extra reading session after lunch on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for 30 mins.

See you all tomorrow!

Hi everyone, another great week. We have been rehearsing hard and can't wait to share A Christmas Carol with you next week. If your son / daughter is a dancer, please send in some party clothes in a named carrier bag on Monday. All other children have been asked to wear a Christmas jumper with their uniform, so please send this in on Monday too please.

This week, we have been working really hard to keep our classroom tidy and the trays have been emptied and water bottles sent home. We have decided not to allow pencil cases in school after Christmas as they seem to be a distraction. The children have all the stationery they need in school.

This week we have been carrying out assessments in Maths, English and Science and you will receive information on your son / daughter's individual targets at the end of the first week back, in the New Year.

We have not set any homework today and we won't be next week either, the children will need a rest over the holidays, ready for the Spring Term.

Well, enjoy a chilled weekend everyone, next week is going to be a busy one. On Friday, we will be having our Christmas parties, so party clothes please!

Bonne weekend, Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson.


Hi everyone, a huge thank you to all of you who came to our Gallery event. It was a huge success and we hope you enjoyed it.

We are on the countdown to Christmas now but we are trying to keep the routine going with normal lessons where possible. We have started writing our own versions of the wonderful story of The Magic Paintbrush and will be sharing these with Year 5 when finished. In Maths, we are doing multiplication and division.

In Science we have started Forces, a new topic and in history, we have been exploring some Chinese artefacts.

Over the next couple of weeks we will also be carrying out some informal assessments, we will keep things as normal as possible. Mrs Carlton

Another busy one, the children, in the afternoons have been getting ready for our Gallery visit next Wednesday at 2.30pm. We have been completing artwork and creating frames and Gallery Guides. In Maths, we have been subtracting which everyone has worked really hard on. In English, we explored the prefix-un and have been teaching the class joined handwriting which is going well. In between lessons, we have started rehearsing for the Christmas performances and singing lots!

Have a good weekend everyone, Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson.

A busy week, it was fabulous to see you all dressed up in your spots yesterday with a fabulous assembly and cat walk. Well done everyone!

Congratulations to Leah and Austin in the Gold Book too.

We have been working hard on our Artwork this week and the children are producing some amazing pictures. In English, we have been looking at using adverbs and prepositions in our writing as well as practising that all important skill of using a dictionary. In Maths, we have been subtracting using counting on and partitioning. In RE, the children wrote a great article about churches. In Science, we completed our Light topic with an assessment: well done to all. Bonne weekend. Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson.

Another fabulous week Class 11. We have been writing letters to parents about a forthcoming Gallery visit, we will let you know more soon. We have been practising using prepositions to explain where things are (above, in, on, under ) We have been practising finding information in the Index of a book.

In Maths, we have all been adding in different ways: column addition, partitioning, number facts to 10 and 100 and using near multiples of 10 (19 and 11).

In Science, we had a revision session about Light, the children did really well.

In PE, we did Dance and Football. In Music, we started learning a new song about Clowns and then we did some artwork to go with it.

We have also started talking about Children in Need, more to come next week.

The children loved a session we had on the church and who attends, what is in a church and what happens there: baptism, Christmas, marriage and funerals. We will write this up next week as a Factfile.

Bonne weekend. Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson

Welcome back after the Half Term everyone.


We have started back really well, using The Usborne Book of Art as our text. We have been looking at subheadings and headings and exploring using the Index and Contents pages.

In Maths, we have been looking at ways to add and subtract using multiples of 10 and 100.

In Science, we investigated what would happen if there was no light and the children wrote a newspaper article.

In PHSE, we explored the word EQUALITY and are in the process of creating a display for the whole of Year 3.

We started Football and Dance and the children are learning a new dance based on China.

See attached the homework for this week.

Yesterday we sent home the Christmas cards, please send your orders in if you would like some for Christmas!

Finally, we sent home the Parental Flyer to show you what we will be covering this coming half term.

Great to see so many of you at Parents evening too.

Enjoy the weekend, Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson

A huge well done to all of you on the assessments we have been doing this week, we know how hard you have worked and will be keen to share the successes with your parents during Parents Evening on the 1st November. It has been a busy week even with just four days, we completed our work on the Day the Crayons Quit and also read the Day the Crayons Came Home today, which both classes loved. In the afternoons, we have been completing some Art activities which have been kept safely in our Gallery box until next half term. We had a great basketball match and then talked about the Diwali festival which is being celebrated today. We decided not to send any homework home as you all deserve a rest.  A great first half term everyone, enjoy the break. Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson.

Week five is over all ready, we cannot believe that half term is around the corner. This week, we have been planning our own letters about chosen objects not getting on, based on the Day the Crayons Quit.

In Maths, we started addition looking at using our known number bond facts in our calculations. In French, we wrote sentences about crayons. In basketball, we set up some small team games. A busy week ending with two of our class in Gold Book: Keaton and Verity and a Head Teachers award for Leah.

Next week, we will be carrying out assessments in reading, writing, spelling and maths, it will be in class and will give us an indication as to how the children are getting on. The afternoons will be as normal with a Year 3 basketball game on Wednesday afternoon. Bonne weekend.


Another great week.Homework and spellings attached.

We have been focussing on using "a" and "an" again in English and exploring the emotions of the crayons. We have also started planning our own stories about household objects and practised hot seating different household objects yesterday.

In Maths, we have had a final week on Place value and used liquids and cylinders to practise adding 100 and 10, ending in applying our knowledge today.

We wrote out a poem in French about crayons and also learnt to play Amazing Grace on the glockenspiel.

Another busy week and full of celebrations: Keaton and Verity in the Gold Book. Bonne weekend. Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson.

This week has been fantastic ending in a great fundraiser yesterday afternoon, thank you for the cake and cash donations and for supporting this very worthy cause, the children loved it and were brilliantly behaved.

In Maths we have been practising adding 100 more and subtracting 100 from three digit numbers and then applying our knowledge. Place value is really starting to stick now!

In English, we have been writing letters and taking on the roles of the different crayons in the book. In our grammar session, we practised using "a" with consonants and "an" with vowels.

The spellings are going well, the children will bring the new set home in their yellow folder once a week, you have a week to learn them and then they will be tested and recorded in their home school diary. I attach them in the Spellings section above.

Science has been really practical this week and the children loved it!

Have a restful weekend everyone, Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson.


Well done Class 11 for another fabulous week. We have really got stuck into our new book The Day the Crayons Quit, working on both colours and feelings. We also completed a lesson on commas in a list. In Maths, we have been practising placing numbers on a number line and then on Friday, we did some great problem solving on this too. In Science, we looked at different materials to see whether they were transparent, translucent or opaque. Another great basketball session, focussing on bounce passes. In French, we started to learn some songs about colour and did some fabulous artwork.

Have a good weekend, Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson.

Hi a great full first week back everyone.

In Maths, we have been working on Place Value and what each digit is worth in a number, we have also had a big push on the 3 times table and have been chanting it around the classroom each day.

In English, we have continued working on the Colour of Home, looking at emotions and change. Everyone wrote a story about their journey to Year 3 from Year 2 and these were a pleasure to mark. It was lovely to see that everyone feels positive about their new teachers and classroom.

In Science, the children started their new topic on light and had a very active and practical first session.

In RE, we talked about life as a Christian and in French, we created an artist's palette and labelled each colour in French. PE  has started well, it was fabulous to see that everyone had their kit.

Tomorrow, a letter will be sent out explaining how the spellings work, please ask if you have any questions.

We look forward to next week and starting our  new story "When the Crayons Quit" . Have a lovely weekend. Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson.

Welcome to Class 11 Parents / carers and children.

Class 11 have made a really positive start to the term already. We have spent the last three days exploring the story The Colour of Home and creating some fabulous artwork for the classroom and corridor.

The children are already very settled and many have been reading at home already. There is a yellow box in the classroom for the children to put their home / school diaries and reading books in each morning. They will earn Dojo points if they read at home. Please make sure you record it in their diaries. They can also record that they have read too.

The timetable will begin on Monday and the children will be bringing home a spelling folder next week (yellow) so please practise their spellings with them. They will be tested weekly.

PE will be on a Monday and Thursday, please ensure your child has their kit in school. If your son /daughter wears earrings, please try and take them out on these days.Thanks.

Homework has been set this week, see attached.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Carlton and Mrs Stevenson.

Times tables - Who wants to be a times table whizz?

Across school, children will be taking part in 'Who wants to be a times table whizz?'
This involves children choosing a times table that they aren't yet confident with (from those that they are expected to know in their current year group), then learning this times table in school and at home in order to earn awards!

The times table awards are as follows:
Bronze award: children are able to say the times table in steps (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10...)
Silver award: children are able to recite the times table from 1x to 12x (e.g. 1 x 2 is 2, 2 x 2 is 4, 3 x 2 is 6...)
Gold award: children can answer any multiplication or division fact linked to their times table (e.g. what is four lots of two? How many twos make twenty four?)

Children must achieve all three awards in their chosen times table before moving on to a new times table.


Year 3 need to work on their 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 times tables.