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Class 10

Welcome to Class 10

As well as the usual set English and Maths homework each week, it is expected that the children read at home and are practising their time tables. If you could continue writing in their Home School Record when you have listened to them read that would be great.
Thank you for your continued support.


Friday 14th July


A very busy vocational week, I'm sure the children will agree, the activities on offer have been great and they have all had a super time!


The children have completed their GPS and reading tests this week. Next week, is their independent write and the 50 word spellings!


We showcased our fabulous Favela that we made on Monday afternoon to the rest of the school. It was great to learn about all of the different continents that had been studied. 


On Wednesday, it was Parents' Afternoon. All of the children had a really good time. It was great to see so many of you here.


Next week, we have a very, very busy week! It is Art and French day on Monday, class swap afternoon on Tuesday, non-uniform day on Thursday (children can also bring in games, no electronic ones though, and fidget spinners) and Mrs Chambers' party on Friday!

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!


Friday 30th June


A very busy week this week. We have been up to all sorts of interesting things! Please can you send any cardboard etc. in with the children on Monday to help us with our project for D.T and Geography week.


In English, we have been concentrating on creating our own World's Worst Child. The children have created their own characters and begun to plan their stories. There have been some great characters including, Texting Tina, Burping Ben, Clumsy Claude, Copying Cat, Earwax Ellie and Moody Melody. Next week they will be writing their stories up in neat.    


In maths, we have been recapping our knowledge on the formal written methods for addition and subtraction. The children have also been wowing me with their knowledge of inverse operations and finding missing numbers in a sequence.   


Another fantastic music lesson this week where the children listened to three pieces of music and completed a piece of art expressing their emotions about the music.   


In geography, the children have been thinking about recycling and created their own design for a new recycling logo. 


Well done again to our Gold Book superstars for this week; Callum, Ben and Lauren.

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!



Friday 23rd June


Another super week in class 10. 


In English, we have been concentrating on the story 'Nigel Nit Boy' from The World's Worst Children. We have done lots of grammar work this week, including work on expanded noun phrases and apostrophes. On Thursday, the children wrote their letters to the museum from Dribbling Drew. I was really impressed with the amount of effort most of you put into your plan that was your homework. This made your letter well organised and included some great formal vocabulary.   


In maths, we have been recapping our knowledge on rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000. We have also taken our learning outside this week when starting work on coordinates. We split into two groups and drew a four quadrant graph on the playground with chalk to give us the practice we needed before doing the work in our books.  


We had an absolutely fantastic music lesson this week. We watched a video of music 'through the ages' and the children were listening out for their favourite to review. It was lovely that children were choosing songs and bands such as; AC/DC and Please Mr Postman by The Marvelettes because they reminded them of a parent or grandparent.   


Early settlers has been the focus again in Geography this week. The children used a variety of maps from around the country to identify place names that related to either Anglo-Saxons, Celtics, Romans or Vikings. They really enjoyed doing this and they couldn't believe how many places in one area belonged to a clan at one time.


Well done to our Gold Book superstars for next week; Callum, Ben and Lauren.

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!



Friday 16th June


We have been up to some interesting things this week including some top secret stuff that I am sure the children will tell you all about!


In English, we have been concentrating on the story 'Dribbling Drew' from The World's Worst Children and the children have written two formal letters. Next week, the children will get the chance to write a letter of apology to the museum from Drew. The homework is to plan this letter, so it is a good chance for the children to get ahead with it. 


In maths, we have been learning all about lines of symmetry in shapes. The children have really enjoyed investigating why regular shapes tend to have more lines of symmetry than irregular.  


We used the outside classroom this week which gave the children a chance to design and create their own musical instruments made from objects found outside. There were some very creative end products. 


Early settlers has been the focus in Geography this week and the children were brilliant at identifying their basic needs and deciding from a map where the best place for them to settle would be.


Well done to our Gold Book superstars for this week, KJ and Alfie.

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!



Friday 09th June

What a great first week back! The children have arrived back to school bursting with energy and full of stories to tell about their exciting half term holiday!!


We have had a brilliant SMSC week in school. On Wednesday we focused on one of our TEAM GB words for the term 'moving on'. The children started to think about what year 5 will bring for them. They impressed me with their sensible suggestions and any solutions to problems or worries they might have.


On Thursday, the children got to hear from 3 year 6 Parties and elect which Party would run school for the day! They then created their own manifesto and made up their own Party that they were the leader of. Of course Thursday afternoon was Grandparents' Afternoon and everyone had great fun decorating bunting with symbols or words about what it means to be British to them. 


The week was certainly rounded off in style with History Day! All of the children looked fantastic and made such an effort! We watched a super performance of Robin Hood that the children (and the teachers) thoroughly enjoyed. 

Well done to our Gold Book superstars KJ and Alfie.

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

Reminders and Notices

P.E. days are Monday and Friday.
Mrs Carlton teaches the children on a Tuesday morning and in the afternoon for French, with Mr Fisher for computing.

Getting in Contact

The class email address is:
Please feel free to send any photos / attachments or use it as a way of communicating with me if you can't catch me at the door. Please be aware that I do only check it once a week.


Just a reminder that all homework is attached at the top of the page and there is an expectation that the homework be completed and returned into school by Thursday.

Guided Spellings

Red Group 1 : Tested and given new spellings on Mondays
Red Group 2: Tested and given new spellings on Tuesdays
Yellow Group: Tested and given new spellings on Wednesdays
Orange Group: Tested and given new spellings on Thursdays
Green Group: Tested and given new spellings on Fridays


Every half term we test the children on the 50 statutory National Curriculum words for Year 4. Feel free to begin to learn these words if you want to be ahead of the game!


accident(ally) answer actual(ly) breathe bicycle
believe busy/business caught circle consider
calendar century describe enough extreme
experience exercise famous favourite grammar
height imagine island interest knowledge
library medicine minute naughty occasion(ally)
opposite particular peculiar perhaps possess(ion)
pressure probably purpose quarter recent
reign separate straight strength surprise
therefore though/although through various woman/women

Times tables - Who wants to be a times table whizz?

Across school, children will be taking part in 'Who wants to be a times table whizz?'
This involves children choosing a times table that they aren't yet confident with (from those that they are expected to know in their current year group), then learning this times table in school and at home in order to earn awards!

The times table awards are as follows:
Bronze award: children are able to say the times table in steps (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10...)
Silver award: children are able to recite the times table from 1x to 12x (e.g. 1 x 2 is 2, 2 x 2 is 4, 3 x 2 is 6...)
Gold award: children can answer any multiplication or division fact linked to their times table (e.g. what is four lots of two? How many twos make twenty four?)

Children must achieve all three awards in their chosen times table before moving on to a new times table.