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Blue 2

Easy Dancing Queen Moves!

Dance Moves for Dancing Queen

Well, another busy week, thank you to all the grandparents who came into school on Monday, it was great to see you. 

In Maths, we finished off perimeter and started working on multiplication,starting with x 10 and x100.

In English, we finished rewriting Chapter One of Alice in Wonderland. We hope to put these in the library for all the school to read. 

We are in full flow with the Christmas production and the songs are coming along nicely. We have simplified one of the dances, so watch out for the link below and get practising!

Next week, we will endeavour to get more PE in as the weather is looking better.

Bonne weekend, Mrs C and Mrs J.


Trois poules francaises

Just Dance 2018: Dancing Queen - 5 stars

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So, it is already the end of week 4. Well done to you all for all the Singing practise. I will attach the words and you tube link at the end of this for our two songs.

In Maths, we have been working on calculating perimeter: achieving fluency and problem solving.

In English, we continued to write the first chapter of Alice in Wonderland mastering skills in alliteration and repetition.

In Science, we created our own Lava lamp, which was really exciting too.

Well done on Attendance this week everyone and great to see Laviah in Rainbow Rewards.

A special mention to Scarlett, for her interest in protecting Orangutangs.

Happy Weekend.

A fabulous week 3 with Rehearsals starting for the Christmas performance.

In Maths, we have been working more on addition (using the Inverse to check and estimating) and we finished the week with Ten in Ten and some word problems. 

In English, we gave begun writing the first chapter of Alice in Wonderland and this has been brilliant, you are really starting to build in those excellent writing techniques.

In Science, you created an acid reaction which made carbon dioxide which made a balloon inflate.

In French, you learnt the song Three French Hens.

Bonne weekend, Mrs C and Mrs J.



Well done everyone, great to see you all dressed up and some of you walking on our Children in Need catwalk. We had a super day and really thought about the event and what the money can mean to children.

In Maths, we continued to practise subtraction and we used column and number line methods. You all worked really hard.

In French, we created some interesting animal potions. In Science, we explored the ingredients needed to make fizz!

In English, we learnt about concrete and abstract nouns and also started reading our new text: Alice in Wonderland.

In Reading, you are all enjoying our new book: The Watertower.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, next week is Anti-Bullying week and also we will start rehearsing our Christmas event.

Mrs C


Hi everyone, a fantastic first week. Well done and thank you to everyone who attended our Roman Event on Thursday, we hope you enjoyed it, the children certainly did. The work completed is going to go on display in the classroom for this half term. The children can bring it home at the end of term.

Next week, we will start our new topic "Potions" and we can't wait !

In English, this week, we have been completing work about Remembrance Day and the end of World War One. The children have written and illustrated some very thoughtful poems.

In Maths, we have started addition and subtraction and we have been teaching the written methods. This will continue next week.

In Topic, we learnt about Roman food and the Impact the Romans have had on Great Britain (take-aways, roads, towns) The children really enjoyed this.

This week, we have just sent spellings for homework and we would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely poppy work we have received. You and your children have clearly enjoyed this activity.

Bonne weekend. Mrs Carlton and Mrs Jamson.

Well done to everyone getting to the Half Term break.. We spent a lovely last afternoon completing our Roman Mosaics, well done all.


A fabulous final week ! We looked at negative numbers in Maths and completed our fabulous Roman poems in English. You all wrote an excellent report about the Romans in your posh books too.


In topic, we focussed on Volcanoes and then in Science, you completed your half termly assessment.


We saw so many of you at Parents Evening which was excellent and we look forward to seeing you on the first Thursday back at our Parent Event. We will be spending the first few days back, getting prepared for this.


Enjoy the half term everyone ! Mrs C and Mrs J x



Well done to everyone this week, you have all looked really tired and have still been working really hard.

In Maths, we have been rounding to the nearest one thousand and then counting in 25's. You have been very conscientious and applying your learning brilliantly.

In English, we have been creating a Roman cadence and you have all loved this, coming up with interesting vocabulary and some exciting rhyme.

In Topic, we have been exploring Roman mosaics, designing and creating borders and then creating a mosaic design on squared or hexagonal paper.

During RE, we explored the similarities and differences between religions.

In Science, we discussed and drew the Water Cycle, you also explained it really well too.

We hope you have all received your reports and look forward to seeing lots of you at parents evening.

Mrs Carlton and Mrs Jamson

Well done to all of you this week, you have all worked really hard on the assessments we have completed: reading, maths and grammar.

The afternoons have been busy with Roman Dance, exploring Roman artefacts, creating Boudicca from clay and them sketching her using charcoal. 

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon exploring the Rainbow Values and have started putting together a colourful display for our classroom.

Enjoy the weekend and Goose Fair ! 

Mrs Jamson and Mrs Carlton

Just to let you know, we will be carrying out some assessments in the mornings this week. We will be having some creative afternoons. Mrs C.

Hi everyone, another excellent week with lots of Class dojos being awarded.

It was great to see Scarlett in our Rainbow Rewards assembly this morning.

We have had a focussed week in English learning about adverbs and we look forward to hearing how you get on with your homework. This morning, we watched an excellent video about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and we look forward to seeing your Newspaper Reports next week.

In maths, we have been learning about 4 digit numbers and placing them correctly on a number line. Keep practising those times tables everyone.

In RE, we have been exploring the links between different religions and then in Topic, we have been talking about Boudicca and then researching Italy and making comparisons with the UK.

Our morning maths and grammar sessions are also going well.

Have a great weekend everyone, Mrs Carlton and Mrs Jamson.

Well done everyone for another brilliant week, you have all been working so hard !


So, in English, you have written up your own version of Escape from Pompeii. We have been working on the past tense over the last two days.

In Maths, we have been working on the values of 4 digit numbers, partitioning them and seeing them represented in different ways.

In Science, we carried out an investigation about gas.

In Topic, we talked about Boudicca and drew her from a description we listened to.

In RE, we talked about and recorded information about different religions and their symbols.

We have also been doing daily maths and spellings.

Have a good weekend everyone. Try and stay dry.



Hi everyone, what an amazing first full week, the children are working really hard and getting to grips with the new routines.

In English, the children have begun to write their own version of Escape from Pompeii, using great description, their homework is based on this, this week.

In Maths, we have been rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000. Brilliant efforts. Please remember to keep practising those times tables.

In Topic, we designed some excellent Celtic and Roman shields. Fabulous and creative, following the homework research.

In Science, we started looking at Solids, liquids and gases. A great active first lesson.

We hope you received the Parental Flyer and the Class Overview, please ask us if you have any questions. Bonne weekend, Mrs Carlton

Hi everyone, it is the end of the first week and the children have been amazing so far. We hope you have your letters about Class Dojo.

In English, the children have been getting into Escape from Pompeii and they have been writing some great description using Powerful verbs. We have been talking about what would happen to buildings, if there was an earthquake.

In Maths, the class have been getting their heads around Roman Numerals and their work has been great so far.

We have completed a Spelling Test today with the children and following the results, we will be setting up the Spelling groups next week.

This afternoon, we did some conversational French and some Invasion games in PE.

Well done everyone, an excellent start, see you next week.


Hi there, all the children have settled in really well this morning. They are calm and have really enjoyed the first morning so far. In terms of PE, it will be on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and we will try and go outside this half term. Please ensure that your son / daughter has their kit, named and some jogging bottoms. Many thanks. 

Welcome to Blue 2's web page. We are very excited about seeing you on Wednesday at the start of the Autumn Term. Our classroom looks amazing and we can't wait for the First Day Back !


Our new topic is called " I am a warrior ! " and its all about The Romans ! 


In English, we will be starting this week with a new book called "Escape from Pompeii". We will get straight into the story and start thinking about the atmosphere created and the powerful vocabulary used ! 


In Maths, we will be kicking off with Roman Numerals and then ending the week with an assessment of Times Tables. 


 In Science, our topic is States of Matter and we will be exploring Solids, Liquids and Gases and their properties.


We will update this webpage regularly so keep your eye on it ! School is a busy place and there is always lots happening !


Tomorrow, we will add more information about the timetable and PE slots. Please ensure you have your PE kit on Wednesday, ensuring that each item is named. There will be one outdoor session and one indoor session each week. 


Mrs Jamson will be teaching on a Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesday mornings.


Mrs Carlton will be teaching on alternate Wednesday mornings and on a Thursday and Friday.


We will update this page weekly with Spellings and Homework.


If you need to talk to either of us, you can catch us in the morning before school or by email. 


We will be adding the Autumn Termly Flyer soon too. 


See you on Wednesday.