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Archived Weekly Updates

Week beginning 10th September
What a super first full week in Year 3!

The children are settling in well to the new routines and Year 3 way of life.

In English, the children are becoming experts in letter writing. Most of Year 3 now know the features of an informal letter off by heart! After reading letters, annotating them, ordering them and answering questions about them, the children were ready to write their own their own on Friday. We wrote a letter from the point of view of Hassan, the main character from our current text, The Colour of Home. The letters detailed all of the beautiful colours of Hassan's previous home, in Somalia. During next week, the children will have a chance to develop their letter writing vocabulary, through the addition of well chosen adjectives and synonyms for colours. 

In maths, the children have been developing their identification of 3 digit numbers (hundreds, tens and ones). Year 3 then practised representing multiples of 100 in many different ways. The children are continuing to develop their understanding and application of 3 digit numbers next week. 

In Science, light was investigated and Year 3 discovered that dark is the absence of light. In our first lesson we used objects hidden in cardboard boxes, holes and torches, to explore whether we can see objects without light, with small amounts of light and with full light exposure. In the next lesson, the children will discover more about the spectrum of colours in visible light.

In topic the focus was geography. Maps of the UK were investigated using an atlas. The children found many uses for colour in the atlas, such as to show climate, population and land use. They then compared these findings to maps of Somalia to show the difference between the two countries, since Somalia is the setting of our current class text. The children will be moving on to investigate land use further, to be able to write a letter about the beautiful colours of the UK, as detailed by the map keys.

The children also started learning and using basic greetings in French and started practised balancing on 1 point, 2 points, 3 points and 4 points in gymnastics!


*Well done to Jack who was nominated for the Rainbow Rewards Assembly, next Friday.* 


Keep an eye on our star awards page, to find out who the next group of learning stars will be, after this week's focused learning. 


I hope that you have all had a fun filled summer break and

are ready to begin your Year 3 adventure!

                                                                                             Mrs Clarke smiley