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Additional Information

Our class email address:

Please feel free to email with any questions or queries, as well as anything exciting your child has been up to at home - photos, homework, weekend activities, sporting/out-of-school hobbies and achievements, etc.

With class names currently changing for this year - I will confirm if our class email will be changing ASAP.


Checked weekly on Fridays. For more urgent issues please contact the class teacher via the school office.


 Home-school diaries:


Teachers and parents can communicate about homework and reading via the diary. Children have a responsibility to let the teacher know when they have a message to respond to. Diaries should be in school daily.


Reading books:


Children are allocated a book band based on their reading attainment. Children are encouraged to choose their own reading book from the allocated level. Children are able to change their book once it is indicated in the home school diary that the book has been read at home. Children are sometimes encouraged to reread books to support their reading fluency and comprehension. Reading of additional materials from school or home is actively encouraged.


Homework and spellings:


Homework is sent weekly in the child’s homework book.

Homework details can also be found each week in our Homework section of this webpage.

Date set: Friday     Date due in by: Following Thursday


Weekly pieces sent:

One piece of English, including spellings, which will be in the form of a spelling practice sheet in the spelling homework folder, and one piece of maths.



Weekly amount: 5,6 or 7 words set, linked to in class learning or key spelling list.

Date set: Depending on groupings. Children will be tested and set for new spellings on the same day.

E.g. Red Group 1 - Monday - tested and new spellings set.

Red Group 2 - Tuesday - tested and new spellings set.

Yellow - Wednesday - tested and new spellings set.

Green - Thursday - tested and new spellings set.

Blue - Friday - tested and new spellings set.

How sent home: In spelling homework folder (on spelling homework sheet)

Result communicated: Via homework diary (test completed in the diary)


Times tables:


End of Year Expectation: All multiplication tables to 12x.

Bronze award: Skip count multiplication table in order.

Silver award: Recall multiplication table in order.

Gold award: Answer multiplication table questions in any order.

Children to inform teacher when ready to be tested for an award.




PE will be: Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

PE kits should be in school from the first day of term. PE kits remain in school until the last day of term, when they are sent home for washing.

No Jewellery is allowed, earrings must be removed at home, if not able to be removed by the child. Earrings will not be removed by school staff and cannot be covered.